Sunday, January 27, 2013

End of football season 2012

Despite our best cheering - both the Falcons and the Packers lost in the play offs. 

We donned our best attire for the Packers game, a Christmas present from Dan's mom.

Koda looks unhappy here - but she loved her scarf. She couldn't wait to put it on, and once she had it on, she pranced around like she was the prettiest thing. I look gooood.

As for the Falcons, it was finally time to wash my Matt Ryan jersey for the season. Hopefully a clean start will help them next year.

You know the Bud Light campaign 'it's only weird, if it doesn't work'? That commercial was made after my family. Maybe me? I'm not sure exactly who started it, but we are very superstitious. Because it is sane and logical, I'm convinced that what we do at home has an incredible impact on what happens on the field. 

If Dan wore a red shirt the last week and the Falcons won - you can bet I'm sending him back upstairs to change if he comes down on game day in a blue one.

If they were winning when Koda was sitting on the couch, and they start losing when she gets down, you can bet I'll bring her right back up.

I even went so far one day as to make my mom keep vacuuming because they were winning.  I couldn't risk them losing - so she vacuumed my entire house. Wait a minute ...  

So when nachos were always good luck at the Georgia Dome for Dad and I - we made sure to have them for each playoff game. 

We had already eaten half of them before I had the wherewithal to take a picture. 

Stop judging me. #itsonlyweirdifitdoesntwork


  1. I just do what you tell me to. Maybe next year! BTW, best nachos EVER!

  2. It's amazing

    You can't even tell you are wearing diapers