Sunday, January 6, 2013

Fall bucket list fail

Confession: I never completed my fall bucket list. 

Bigger confession: I don't care.

The bucket list was fun to have whenever we had a 'what should we do this weekend' moment. And we did most stuff on it. And then Christmas came around, and decorating, buying gifts, making Christmas cookies, etc. all became so much more fun than the fall bucket list. 

And you know, January and February kinda suck. It's cold. Football is fun if your team is in the playoffs (Go Falcons! And Packers!) but that is over the first weekend in February. 

And then you are left with cold. 

And the rest of your fall bucket list? Perfect. 

We still need to do the following:
  • Make homemade pumpkin sage gnocchi. Share the recipe. 
  • Have a backyard bonfire with smores.
  • Go hiking.
  • Make and wear the sweater book socks that I pinned.
  • Find a recipe for and attempt homemade apple cider. Spike it if feeling crazy.
I'm scratching the pumpkin carving. How did we not have a pumpkin this year? I don't know. We went to the place twice, both times without cash. I'm not perfect. This is real life. We had candy for our trick or treaters. That's all that matters right? 

So look for more posts on the "fall" bucket list. Now with air quotes. Because it's way past fall. 

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