Monday, February 4, 2013

What is Koda?

What breed is Koda? We get that question a lot. We ask ourselves that question a lot. 

The vet asks for their records? Uhhhh. Funny story. Put Spitz. That's all we've got. 

The dog sitter asks for their records? Uhh. Shiba Inu? That's what we are thinking this week. 

After countless hours google imaging breeds and mixed breeds, we figured she was a Heinz 57. 

Dan heard about these dog DNA tests, that simply involve a mouth swab. He asked for one for Christmas. Dan's mom happily wrapped that gift (let's be honest, she was a little interested too), and Dan couldn't wait to figure out Koda's breed.

Most of the reviews said that the test came back with a handful of breeds - some ancestors merely marked "mixed breed" -- with no more insight, but to take it with a grain of salt. I was definitely prepared for some vague answers.

We thought she had to be part Shiba Inu. 


The Humane Society said Finnish Spitz.


We even thought she could be part Eskimo Spitz.


The answer was about to be F. None of the above. 

The mouth swab wasn't bad. Koda was about as comfortable with it as she is in this picture.

The 3 week wait for the results was the hardest part. 

So what is she? 

Crap. Bachelor is on. I'll tell you tomorrow. 


  1. I found my dog in Okinawa. She had a mother that was a white Spitz and a dad that was a Chow. Looks so much like you dog. She loves the water and chasing chickens..lo..last part was a no no..She was the most devoted dog I have every had..and she was my dear beloved dog. It still hurts to think about when she got sick.. we had lived so much life togehter.. i miss her still. She is in heaven playing and jumping. Loveed my C.P. girl.