Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas in Atlanta

Dan and I spent 5 wonderful days in Atlanta for Christmas this year. I wish my dad was home this season (and I know he does too!), but we will have a mini Christmas when he gets back.

We went overboard in terms of presents. This was the pile of presents for just three people! Myself, Dan, and my mom. Hi my name is Kelley, and I give too many gifts. Hiiiii Kelley.

Mom - you'll need to introduce yourself as well.

See the large blue present on the right? Those were Dan's new dumbells. They are adjustable anywhere from 5 to 52.5 lbs. He has been asking for these for just about every gift-giving season. At this point, I knew he was on to me. So I had to come up with a way to throw him off a little bit. 

I had them sent to my mom's house - so he wouldn't see them prior. And she came up with the idea of writing 'Merry Christmas Kelley' on the package to throw him off more. I thought they were going to be shipped separately. 

"Mom, they are over 50 pounds, are you sure you can handle that?"

"Kelley. The UPS lady is here. I have a 130 pound package!!"


Good thing mom was having a box spring delivered, and the lovely mattress guy was willing to help her. 

While opening presents, my mom gestures to the blue box, "Dan, will you bring that one here for Kelley to open?"

When he tried to lift it - his face was priceless! He was so confused. As he tried harder, the wrapping paper started ripping off. 

We had a good laugh at his expense. 

I have no transition from that story to the rest of our time in Atlanta. I'll just jump right in, then. 

I got a new camera! The Nikon D7000! ... Okay, those who know about cameras know that it isn't exactly new. It's my mom's older camera (one of a few), and I will gladly take her hand-me-downs any day. It. Is. Awesome. I am officially much worse of a photographer than the equipment I have. But I hope to improve. Slightly. It can only go up from here, right?

My mom asked me a question about my lens, so I snapped this picture to show her something. It ended up pretty Christmas-y.

The rest of the weekend included a lot of this: 

PJs, coffee, and a cuddly puppy. 

Christmas went by too fast. Despite my attempts to make present-opening take as long as physically possible, it came and went. The decorations are down. The lights are off. We have finished eating all cookies. Families are back to their day-to-day lives. And rush hour is back with a vengeance on 77. It was wonderful to spend the week with family and friends. I hope you had just as merry of a Christmas!

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  1. Yes, I guess we were a bit extravagant this year, but it sure was fun! You are going to be a fine photographer. I can tell already. Can't wait to go shoot together!