Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christmas Lights

As I mentioned yesterday, I love Christmas lights.

It's all because of my dad and his mission of 'Griswold-ing' the house. We would drive around the neighborhood and rate houses on the amount of lights. The more the merrier. Tacky is fine. Net lights cannot look like net lights.

This my second year putting lights on our house, and I added a few more from last year. Those LED lights get expensive - or I would have them everywhere!

It's not much, but it is a start.

We are slowly adding more lights to our collection.

The walkway is my favorite. These pictures don't capture how bright it is. 

I wanted to line the entire driveway - but that would have set me back around $50. I think the walkway is just fine for this year.

Our house pales in comparison to our neighbor's.

These pictures don't do this justice. 

The entire front yard is covered in lights. The house. The roof. The trees. Animation. Speakers playing Christmas music. See-sawing elves. A sleigh. Naughty and Nice books. Snowman. Train set. Candy canes. Inflatable santa.

The man who lives here dresses as Santa, giving children candy canes. If anyone wishes to donate, he gives the money to St. Jude. 

Talk about Christmas spirit!

Maybe one day I will get there. Maybe I'll just visit his house instead. 

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  1. Your house is tasteful and beautiful, and will only get better with time! Great pics. I especially love the 1st one!