Friday, April 3, 2015

This Week

Wow - we have had quite a week.

On Saturday, Dan totaled his car with us in it. Everyone's fine. Some kids ran out in the middle of this six lane road - just completely sprinted into the middle of traffic. If we hadn't wrecked, they would have been killed. Thankfully everyone is okay. Olivia didn't even notice.

I know nothing about cars, but learned that transmission fluid is red. Well, we got out of the car, and it was just gushing this red fluid. I looked and Dan and said "I think it's dead." Took the insurance adjuster five days to come to the same conclusion.

It was hissing and steaming, so we stayed out of the car. Olivia was mad that I wouldn't let her play in traffic. And of course it was nap time.

His car was old, with over 200K miles on it. I just keep thinking that maybe there was something wrong with it, and this way we were forced to get rid of it, without something worse happening. 

Dan was bummed and my 'one car family' jokes were too soon. #whoops

On Monday, Olivia got ear tubes and an adenoidectomy. (I'll do a separate post on that). 

That morning, our dog clearly had stomach issues and went to the bathroom on the ONLY expensive carpet we own in the whole house. We left it to clean up later. 

After two days of letting Koda out throughout the middle of the night (remember the newborn days? yeah, me neither), and a few bottles of carpet cleaner later, Dan took her to the vet, and an antibiotic has cleared her right up. 

Olivia has done okay after her surgery. She really hasn't eaten a ton - but enough for us to not be worried. She's been up throughout the night each night, not napping, and she's been kicked out of daycare each day this week for just being unhappy and running a fever (they told us that would happen). She's getting better each day, but I think it'll be a full week recovery before she's back to normal. 

When she gets kicked out of daycare, I am so lucky to be able to get her, but my work still has to get done after she goes to bed. So it has made for long days. And not sleeping because of my two newborns, has made for long nights.

So much work. Not enough laptops.
A quick google search on adenoidectomies that finds, of course, the one case where twin boys both die after complications, puts everything in perspective. Olivia, Dan, Koda and myself might all be a little tired, but we're all alive and well, and nothing else in the world matters.

After sleeping in today, working from home, and a 4 hour nap for Olivia - we're all new people! Good Friday, indeed.


  1. Oh no! You guys have had a pretty sucky week! I'm so sorry. I'm glad everyone is okay. Olivia is such a little trooper, I'm sure she'll be back to normal before you know it.

  2. What a week! I am so glad everyone is okay! I would be so angry with those kids! I hope Olivia keeps recovering from the surgery. Teague had tubes but not adnoids which I hear makes it a much harder recovery. Hopefully there will be a big difference for her health wise. I hope you have a great weekend - like extra great.

  3. What a crazy week! I'm glad to hear that y'all are okay after those kids caused your accident. Do you have to get a new car seat? I don't know how that whole process works. Hope Dan finds a new car to replace his beloved car. Your "too soon" comment made me laugh because my husband and I say that all the time. And your babies weren't feeling well to top it all off - hope Olivia is much better this week and that Koda has an uneventful week :) Wishing you a week that's a 100% better than last!!

  4. Oh man! Sounds like a crazy turn of events! Maybe the dropped grape was really March or April! Ah! Praying things get better for y'all soon!

  5. Wow! Y'all were really put through the ringer. I'm glad no one was hurt during that accident. Very scary! I'm sure a week of cuddles helped Olivia feel much better. A sick dog too...ugh! I had to deal with that last week also. Hopefully a new week will bring better fortune!

  6. Oof!! What a week lady. I hope you all had a good weekend and are back to normal now!

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