Sunday, June 8, 2014

Brew Crawl

We went to Greenville last weekend. Kylie and Justin organized a brewery crawl. Blair and Brett allowed us to ransack their house for a night. It was a weekend we couldn't pass up.

Greenville is only an hour and a half away, but we don't get down there nearly often enough. I wish these girls lived in my neighborhood. I could walk to their house barefoot with two glasses of wine in hand.

Maybe thats why they don't live in our neighborhood.

They're worried I'll stumble over there drunk and shoeless.

In other alcoholic news, Olivia has now toured four different breweries.

The bus was set up limo style where all the seats face each other. I contacted Kylie "'Can I bring my baby on the bus?' isn't in the FAQ." Kylie replied, "Justin emailed the guy. Olivia is in!" 

We showed up with a car seat. A car seat base. A small child. A giant diaper bag that I think I could fit in. The baby bjorn. And a small cooler of milk. We're always that couple. 

The bus started at the Growler Station and then went to three local breweries for tours and tastings, and back to the Growler Station.

Snacks around the neck. What's better?

We strapped Olivia's carseat into the bus seat. Dan wore her in the bjorn for the tours, and back in the carseat for the rides. 

The pictures are so blurry - apparently our tour guide is good at beer, but not photography. 

Swamp Rabit - Dan and my favorite beer:

The brewery owner is the man in black. I couldn't hear a word he said. 

We forgot to take a picture at Brewery 85. But the tour guide (maybe the owner?)'s wife was pregnant and she was so happy to see Olivia. She had hope that her life wasn't over post baby.

Lastly, we went to Quest. 

Olivia started to enjoy my pretzel necklace after having some of Blairs at Brewery 85.

Back to the Growler station we went.

The boys went and grabbed pizza at mellow mushroom and we played games while eating pizza. 

Tour guide is second from the left. Not that you couldn't figure that out. Bottom right is half the crap we brought with us. 

Dan bought a beer that was aged in bourbon barrels. It was delicious. He took a picture so we wouldn't forget it.

Olivia made it almost all day with no nap, but around 830 we headed back to Blair and Brett's to get her to bed. 

Next stop is NoDa Brewery in Charlotte - so Olivia can say she's toured 5  breweries before her first birthday. 


  1. You all are such a good looking bunch! Looks like great fun!

  2. What is the legal drinking age in North Carolina?