Friday, June 6, 2014

Five on Friday

I want to do these more, because none of the below calls for a whole blog post. So I end up not posting anything. 

Our week, five on Friday style.

  1. On my way to work I saw a lady running while smoking a cigarette. A lot went through my mind. But, mostly, I was impressed with her multitasking abilities. 
  2. We took Olivia to Cowfish for drinks last night in her monkey jammies and metallic gold bow. She's already starting her own fashion trends.
  3. She mauled the bartender that was carrying a bottle of wine and a glass of wine. If she was going for the bottle, she's definitely my child.
  4. In a move of desperation, I gave Olivia Dan's iPad. She downloaded Disney's Frozen app and started playing with it. It was $2.99. Wtf.
  5. On Wednesday I came home to our hose leaking a geyser of water about 12 feet in the air. My dad's theory? The hose blew out. My theory? An animal thought it was a snake and attacked it. The world may never know. 
Aren't you glad those were not five separate posts?

Happy Friday. Happy weekend. And, most importantly, happy national donut day!

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