Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Olivia - Eight Months

Weight: 16.5 pounds (30%)
Height: 27.75 inches (80%)

Sleep: She now sleeps 7-7, and I couldn't be happier. For people who tell you you never sleep again, you do. It can just take awhile if you have an Olivia! She naps probably 2-2.5 hours a day - it's not much for her age, but we will take the night time sleep over good naps.

Eating: She loves her milk and drinks a crapton of it a day. She has two meals of solids that are more like a few bites. She doesn't love food. We don't force it. And we have exposed her to SO many different flavors, that I hope she isn't too picky of an eater. But right now, she'd rather play than sit and eat.

Milestones: She's crawling, waving, giving kisses and saying mama. I love her most in the world. 

She stands by herself when holding onto things. I think we've got awhile until she's walking, but she's working on those leg muscles now. 

Clothes / Diapers: Still size 3 diapers, but clothes are all over the place. She's mostly true to size. She has some 12 month pants that fit, and some 3-6 month pants...even in the same brand.

Best Moment of the Month: I am going to pick two. When she said 'mama' on Mother's Day. (Dan is working on 'dada' today). And when she gave me a kiss for the first time. Just when I think I can't love this girl any more, my heart grows even bigger.

Parent of the Month Award: This goes to me. I read a BabyCenter article that children like spices and that you can add (non-salt) spices to their foods. I made her green beans and she really didn't like them. I thought I would take the advice and add the teeniest bit of garlic to her green beans. I mean, I couldn't even taste it, but figured we would start small. When I gave her her next bite she literally burst into tears. She was crying and looking at me like 'How could you do such a thing? I trusted you!' Apparently, garlic is very offensive to Olivia. 

Favorites: She still loves anything that isn't a toy. Right now the favorites are Koda's food and water bowls and electrical cords. We spend our days pulling her away from them. She loves when I make smoothies and she gets to drink them out of a big girl cup. She loves plastic bags and mail - both things she's also not allowed to have. I got her a bunch of bath toys, even one that is a basically a sponge covered in a washcloth. All she wants is the actual sponge or actual washcloth. Preferably when filled with soap. Girl cries over garlic, but Burt's Bee's Baby Wash ... delish!

Overall, she's just such a happy baby. I hope she never loses her joy for life!