Friday, November 1, 2013

Parenting Fails: Week 1

I posted about our week 1 successes: things that really helped us the first week home. Now here are our parenting fails for week 1:

  • Dan didn't want to put the diaper on too tight for fear of it rubbing her. So he changed her, handed her to me and she peed. She peed and it all ran out the back of the diaper, through her clothes, and onto my lap. Thanks Dad. 
  • At the hospital, they told us that they usually start size 1 diapers at 8 pounds. Olivia was still in newborn diapers, so we expected her to move to size 1 quickly. Dan and I were both changing her, trying to get it done quickly and we noticed that her diaper was much tighter than usual. We both applauded 'shes getting much bigger!' 'she must be eating well' 'she'll be into those size ones in no time!' We took a step back, and this is what we saw:

  • Dan laid Olivia down in her crib and put the baby monitor right next to her face so he could see her while watching the news. (We haven't set up the monitor on the shelf in her room yet). I heard what sounded like people talking in Olivia's room and went in. Dan had pushed the two-way talk button and was blasting the news right next to Olivia's ear. Poor girl wasn't fussing, just wide awake listening to the news. 
  • Around 2 am I was feeding her and went to take a drink of water. I missed my mouth (sleep deprivation) and poured water all over her. Poor girl took it like a champ and just kept eating. Good thing it wasn't my 7 am coffee.
  • This:

  • Lastly, Olivia had some gas and was really fussy. Dan handed her to me because he wasn't sure what else to try. I went to burp her and immediately she let out a burp. She was so exhausted from crying that she fell asleep instantly after the burp. Dan thought we had killed her. "She BEEPED! Did you hear that? Is she breathing? KELLEY- is she breathing?! It was a beep. A really loud beep!" Haha - poor guy, it was only day 2. 
We're learning this whole parenting this as we go - and having a lot of laughs during it. Unfortunately laughs at Olivia's expense - but she wont remember this anyway ;).


  1. Poor Ruby

    Good thing "It"s a marathon ;0)

  2. They don't sound like 'fails' to me, those are funny! She's such a good girl!