Thursday, November 7, 2013

Hospital Bag

I read so many posts of what to bring to the hospital, but they were all written by pregnant people. More 'what I am planning on bringing' rather than 'what I actually used.' Not many people went back to update after the baby was born.

So here is Dan and my list of things we actually needed at the hospital:

  • Water bottle: The hospital has these teeny cups of water. And if your nurse goes missing for an hour, you don't get refills. Bring your own large bottle - you'll be thankful for it from the moment you walk in until you are discharged.
  • Comfy clothes and shoes for the husband: He will have a lot of standing around and sitting to do.
  • Snacks: We brought change for the vending machine and I don't think we ever saw the  vending machine. Your husband will get hungry. When they tell you no food, you can sneak the snacks (I definitely would have). And when you are up all hours of the night with your baby, you'll have something to eat instead of trying to walk to the cafeteria in your hospital gown where the back is completely open. Pretty visual, I know.
  • Night light: you'll want some light to see and move around without turning on the huge overhead light that could wake up your baby. Or your husband, when he manages to sleep 10 hours on the hospital couch.
  • Noise machine: we brought ours, I was just too lazy to dig it out of the bag, and I really wish we had. Every time another door opened, it sounded like it was our room. People are in and out so much that I kept thinking it was a nurse coming in. You can hear other babies crying, and staff wheeling things down the hall. At one point they took Olivia for about three hours for some tests. I could have slept but kept hearing all the sounds and thinking she was on her way back in. 
  • Make up remover wipes: I had heard to bring these - and found some in the dollar section of target - but thought that I would never skip washing my face - I am too type-a. What I didn't realize was that not being able to move my right leg, i.e. not being able to walk, I wouldn't be able to stand at the sink to wash my face. Also, I really didn't care about getting up. I just used those to clean off my face before bed and they were awesome. 
  • Nail clippers: Olivia came out needing a manicure asap. The nurses told me to just bite her nails down. As someone who has never bitten my own nails - I couldn't do it. I was thankful that we brought her clippers. Our hospital doesn't believe in covering up their hands - that they use them to learn and comfort themselves - so these saved us from a scratched-up face. 
  • Socks with grippy bottoms: Dan bought me cute pink slippers to wear in the hospital. With all of the IV fluids, my feet were too swollen to fit into them. Socks were the way to go.
  • Shower shoes: For a hospital that has to be pretty sterile, that shower was pretty gross. Bring the shoes.
  • Camera: obviously.
  • Boppy pillow: my dad was a little nervous about holding her and the Boppy makes it so much easier. Your arms don't get tired holding her. And if you are breastfeeding, they can show you how to use the Boppy.
  • Computer / ipad / all chargers: we received a lot of emails from friends and I wanted to reply on something other than my phone. Also, your husband can play Candy Crush while you are waiting for the epidural. 
  • Pillow (with a non-white pillow case) for you or your husband. I didn't really sleep - and they have tons of pillows at the hospital, but I know some people are picky and Dan enjoyed having his own.
  • An outfit to go home in, knowing you will still look pregnant. See: Kate Middleton.
  • Toothbrushes.
Here are something that we brought that really aren't necessary:
  • Toiletries: I definitely liked having my own, but the hospital has them for you. Also, Dan ran home to shower in his own shower, so he only needed a toothbrush.
  • Cute nightgowns: The hospital bed and sheets were a little gross for me - that I just wore the gown the entire time. I didn't want my new PJs all "hospital-y." I never left the room. And we were only there for about 36 hours. Other people can't wait to change out of the gown. 
  • Bows / Hats / Outfits for the baby: The bows and hats were all too big. We changed her into a cute going home outfit, but she wore the hospital shirts and clothes the entire time we were there. With all the tests, people coming in, them taking her, I didn't want any of her new stuff all gross. Also, I figured we would lose a blanket in the jumble - so we saved all of that for going home only.
  • Cute slippers: never fit into them.
  • Vending machine change: do they even have these?
The hospital has most anything you need - just ask for it. Don't pack a million things. The bag will just sit in your room for a week before you get around to unpacking. 

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  1. God she is beautiful just barely hours after being born...and so are you.