Monday, November 11, 2013

Week 3

Well .. someone did not knock on wood. Or, like I said in my post, I would eat my words. Our perfect little baby had a very dramatic week 3. 

We went through the three week growth spurt. Some of us wondered if we would all make it out alive. We did, in case you weren't sure. (Apparently the six week one is worse - that'll fall right around Thanksgiving - mom and dad - enjoy :) ). 

During a growth spurt they get pretty hungry and want to eat much more often. The pediatrician says to feed them as often as they want - they need the food. Because they are eating so often, they are sleeping less and much more cranky than normal. Overall - it leads to a really enjoyable time for all involved. Next time, I'll have you over for wine and cheese. I'll whine, y'all bring the cheese. 

Dan's mom also came in town the same day this all started and Dan I spent most of the week convincing her that this was not the child we brought home from the hospital. 

In an attempt to feed her as often as she wanted, she ended up only snacking. Eating for a few minutes - drifting off for maybe 10 minutes - and wanting to eat again. I kept this routine up for about 3 days - holing up in her nursery and not spending much time with Dan's mom. 

Eventually I had to make Olivia wait longer for food - to get her back on her eating every 3-ish hours schedule. Either the growth spurt ended after 4-5 days, or getting her back on her schedule worked - and we seem to have our baby back. She still gets a little fussy in the evenings (from 6:30-8:30) and would much rather be napping while held during that time, instead of anywhere else. But I have been informed that Olivia 'fussy' isn't really fussy, and I shouldn't complain. 

We still love her, and we still think she's perfect. She's starting to smile with her eyes open. And if Dan and I kiss her cheeks while making smacking noises she'll smile every time. That isn't supposed to happen until 6-8 weeks, according to Dr. Google, so we think she's super advanced ;). I'll bet if someone did a study, there's a correlation between early smiling and Harvard degrees. ;)

I could hold this snuggly little baby and kiss her chubby cheeks every second. And, growth spurt or not, this newborn thing is still much easier than I had planned. We will see if I'm singing a different tune after the six week growth spurt.

Without further ado, more pictures:

Chubby cheeks

"I feel pretty, oh so pretty"

I gave Dan this onesie for Father's Day. It says "I love Daddy."

Such a happy baby

Spoiled rotten in her Vineyard Vines and Sperrys from Aunt Sam and Uncle Jason. She has some room to grow, but knows she looks good.

Mesmerized by the clouds while on a walk

Sleeping on dad


Olivia is going to do a guest post for the blog 'the low-down on fall boots' 
Olivia turned tummy time into nap time


  1. Oh Kelley, she is such a doll baby! Glad you made it through the 3 week growth spurt, worth it for those chubby cheeks.

    1. Thanks so much! And you are right - it was worth it for the chubby cheeks!

  2. Love all the pictures but especially love, love, love the little kissey-face one in her red and white outfit. Would be perfect for Christmas cards! Glad you survived the growth spurt...we will be prepared! :-)

    1. Come on grandma! We can do better for Christmas cards ;). Get your camera ready for this week!

  3. i'll make this baby preppy if it's the last thing i do!

    1. Do her fuggs fit into this? I ask because they are too big, so I bought a smaller pair for her to wear until she fits into the big ones. If I could find Sperry's small enough, I'd do the same.

  4. Look at that hair!!
    Good thing you named her Ruby!
    She is adorable!