Friday, August 19, 2016

Five on Friday - Olivia edition

1. I asked Dan to throw down an outfit for Emma. He threw it, it landed on the floor and I picked it up ready to change her. Olivia looks at me "good catch mama!" I said "was that sarcasm?" She starts cracking up and goes "yep, I made fun of you! You no catched it!" Who is this girl? She's TWO.

2. We were listening to uptown funk - one of Olivia's all time favorite songs. I was throwing her around. After the song was over she goes "mama, can you funk me up again?" I believe she meant throwing her around to the song. I have a feeling she'll say that in public and it'll be incredibly awkward.

3. Olivia's whole life we told her that spaghetti squash was spaghetti. Its always been a favorite and we don't eat much pasta. There's a local, freshly made pasta place nearby. I got it for dinner - and Olivia just kept yelling "YUM!" "Oh mommy this is so yummy!" "What is this food?!" "What do you call this food?" It was hysterical. Like an alien who had never had food before. 

4.  We are teaching Olivia to write her name. Its hard because she hates to learn. So the second she realizes she's learning she throws her pen and moves on to the next activity. So we started with one letter at a time. The first time she wrote Oli she goes "Wow thats a good job! I'm going to go get my phone to take a picture of it!" (I was laughing so hard when she returned with her toy phone. 

When she wrote Oliv she goes "I'm so proud of me!" Haha.

5. Olivia said "Draw Emma's name!" and forced a marker in my hand. When I started to draw she stopped what she was doing: "Mama. When I hand you something, you say thank you!" Well ... touche Olivia. 

Turns her doll crib into a "four baby stroller."


  1. Poor girl hasn't had real spaghetti! hahaha. These are so hilarious. :) Hope you guys have a great weekend!

  2. Olivia is so hilarious! I love reading these posts. I always get a good chuckle.

  3. man she's funny! and two year olds are crazy bossy little people!