Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Emma vs Olivia - Six Months

Same bow. Not planned. They definitely look like sisters. Olivia's eyes are bigger. Emma has more hair. Olivia is clearly tanner with darker eyebrows/lashes and then theres pale, pale Emma. Love seeing the comparisons!



  1. They definitely look like sisters! Even the eye shape is somewhat the same - even if one is larger! Hilarious it's the same bow!! I can't wait for some sister comparisons - my boys NEVER looked like each other so I wonder if the girls will!

  2. So sweet!! I love that they're both interested in their feet, both smiley and both have such sweet expressions. Different, but similar for sure!! Love the accidental same bow. Think my husband would die if I threw a bow on Fletcher for a few comparison pictures?? haha

    1. I stuck one in Tell's hair just to make L laugh a few days ago and Anthony immediately walked in the door and assumed Lawter did it. I may or may not have corrected him... insert eye covering monkey emoji here for letting tot take the blame : )

  3. It's funny, there are definitely similarities but each is her own little person, for sure!