Friday, October 2, 2015

Five on Friday

1. Dan is the BEST father and husband. He has put up with me being sick, and only able to eat ONE thing on the planet for dinner (which we could not predict) for the past 20 weeks. He gets Olivia up, feeds her breakfast, gets her dressed and takes her to school. He comes home, cleans up the kitchen after dinner, does Olivia's bath and plays Mr. Mom all day on Wednesdays - and never once complains! We could not love him more!

But all that is super boring. Yall really like to hear "Dan went to the grocery store" stories. So here's another:

K: Since you're going to the grocery, can you exchange those two cans of 'healthy' tomato soup for the regular kind for me?

D: You need me to do that tonight?

K: Yeah, they're for dinner tomorrow. Just go to the customer service counter when you get there, tell them what you are doing, drop off the old ones and go grab the regular kind. It's probably an even exchange. I don't care which brand you get, just make sure it doesn't say "healthy." I accidentally bought the fake kind.

D: Okay.

Leaves, comes back a few minutes later.

K: Did you have any trouble finding the regular soup?

D: What?? You wanted new soups? I thought you just wanted me to return the old ones. 

2. Tuesday night Olivia woke up at 1 am crying. She rarely does that anymore, so I went to check on her. Changed her, rocked her, read her books, sang, etc. for 45 minutes and tried putting her back in her crib. She wouldn't have any of it. So I pulled her into our bed. 

She never sleeps with us, and anytime I've tried to pull her into our bed she wants to play. "Hi mama. Hi dada. No nite nite." This time she just tried to lay there quietly. Took her almost an hour to fall asleep, but you could tell she didn't want to jeopardize her chance. Once she fell asleep, sweet thing kept cuddling up against me. Putting her arm around my neck. I stayed up most of the rest of the night just watching her. She's so precious when she sleeps and I never get to see that. I wanted to take a picture so bad - but it was way too dark in the room when I had to leave at 6 am. I just wanted to take that moment and put it in my pocket. She's growing up so quickly, and wont be little very long. I want to spend every minute I can with her. 

3. When dad is in charge ..

4. Monkey. And the typical struggle while trying to get her in the car after school / playground.

5. One weekend back, we had friends in town. The kind of friends without kids. The kind of friends who still get to sleep in until 11:30am. We left, with Olivia still in her PJs, to entertain her. Ended up going to the pumpkin farm and picking out our pumpkin. Olivia went down the 15 foot (tall) slide with absolutely no fear, and had a blast playing on the tractor. 

It would have been a perfect morning for fall photos. But. Pajamas. 


  1. What a sweet post!! Way to go Dan (or you really :) )! I love sleeping with my babes but they always reach that stage where they'd rather play and it breaks my heart. I'm so glad you got some unexpected snuggles. Our 5 year old climbed in last night at 4:30 and Chris was so excited to snuggle him. I'm also so jealous you made it to the pumpkin patch before all the rain. My boys have been asked for weeks now!!

  2. I love Dan stories so please always keep them coming. We are heading to the pumpkin patch today so I'm very excited. It feels so much like fall outside. I'm ready to get our pumpkins and then come home to paint them. Fall is my favorite! Jack also never sleeps in my bed but he isn't smart enough not to jeopardize it (girls are just smarter). Have a great weekend!

  3. So did Dan head back to the store for soup or did you scrap the dinner plan? I thought you were going to say that you made him go to customer service so they could help him find what he was supposed to get - like a shopping chaperone - haha! Your Olivia pictures crack me up... climbing the car, riding in the doll stroller and pj pumpkin patch. Life with littles is never dull :)

  4. Aww Olivia snuggles! That is so sweet. My hubs would never return something for me, so at least he got that part right. lol.

  5. bahahah that picture with the stroller- love it!