Sunday, October 18, 2015

23 Weeks

Mom walks in the door. "Wow you look pregnant." Thanks mom.

But really. She came in town for the weekend, took Olivia to daycare, cleaned our downstairs, brought us dinner and homemade pesto, cleaned up the garden, bought me some maternity clothes, made a pillow for Olivia's big girl room, and Olivia cried huge crocodile tears when she left. So really, thanks mom!

I've gotten the closet in the guest room completely cleaned out. 13 trashbags later, this was a huge feat. (We don't store trash in the closet :) I just had to get rid of stuff to make room elsewhere in the house). Next stop, painting and we will finally make some headway in that room.


  1. You got a Mama like mine.....a good one! You look wonderful!

  2. ummm send your mama to my house please!! hah (don't tell my mom I said that... she keeps my kid for free and often sends us dinner home with her so I'm really not complaining! hah)

  3. Yay for a great mom visit!! You are looking as cute as ever. Good luck reorganizing your space to make room for your little bundle.

  4. Pregnant?
    I thought that was "football nacho" weight
    I'll be thinking about a baby name ;0)

  5. that's a lot of trash bags, you must feel so productive!!! we're trying to do the same around our house, the to-do list keeps getting longer and things aren't getting crossed off very quickly...