Friday, August 7, 2015

Five on Friday

1. At daycare, they made handprint flamingos. This is seriously the best art we have in the house. If there is ever a fire, things I'm going to save go in this order 1) baby 2) dog 3) jewelry box 4) flamingo handprint.

2. Dan got Olivia up from her crib the other morning, and this is what he found. What a goon. We are working on getting dressed ourselves, so maybe she was practicing. PS - when do they learn to get dressed themselves? Is this something I'm going to have to do for forever?

While we are on the subject of crib pictures. After a long day at the pool, this one napped so hard we had to wake her up for dinner. But first. Let me take a selfie photo.

3.  Took Olivia to a toy store and she immediately hoarded all of the babies. She's all "what. you aren't buying these for me?"

4.  More playground fun. Because climbing up the slide is much more fun.

She looks like she's wearing make up in this one! Dan's mom got her the strawberry outfit and asked Dan to send her to daycare in it with the strawberry bow. case you can't tell ... (Dan clearly couldn't) ... those are watermelons.

5. Our grocery store has only one child buggy and Olivia got it the other day for the first time. She was thrilled!! Apparently we need more early Saturday AM, PJ runs to pick up pancake ingredients.


  1. That hand print flamingo is amazing!! I'm need to ask her teachers for some toddler hand printing tips because I've deemed them nearly impossible to get right now. I LOL'd at Dan's watermelon + strawberry confusion. At least they are both fruits?!?! We are in a baby love stage right now, too. All the babies all the time. Aren't those tiny grocery carts the cutest??? Our grocery stores don't have many so it's a rare treat that there's one available. Which is probably a good thing since Olive's a wild woman with her cart. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. That flamingo print is awesome! She still looks super cute in her strawberry/watermelon combo. :) Hope you guys have a great weekend!

  3. They need to get more baby buggies! That is too cute. Love the flamingo...if only I could get Mason to not make a mess when we try things with paint lol. Idk when they're supposed to dress themselves. The little girl I watch during the week turns 2 on the 16th and she can do her pants. Mason on the other hand puts shirts in as pants...or should I say skirt

  4. Love that flamingo print too! So precious :) So grown up with her shopping cart haha!