Saturday, July 4, 2015


A few weekends ago we went to Charleston for one of my best friends bachelorette parties. So. Much. Fun. I absolutely love Charleston. Nine of the girls had never been there before, and I think they fell in love.

The weekend started with glittered champagne bottles. Obvi.

We ate a lot. This crab and shrimp salad from Pearlz was the best thing I've ever had. Maybe a slight exaggeration. But, a Pearlz is opening up near us. Hopefully it has the same menu!

We boated to a tiki hut where we spent most of Saturday doing hydrofly, pattleboarding, laying out. 

And some gymnastics.

I stole these two pictures from our group text (hence the blurry) but cannot for the life of me remember who's phone they were from to give credit. I guess technical credit goes to the strangers who agreed to take our picture.

I can't wait for her wedding in just 2 months!!


  1. What an awesome weekend! I love CHarleston and doing water sports with a bunch of girlfriends (and cocktails!) sounds like a blast! ha

  2. You are too much - gymnastics on paddle boards?! Love all the Lilly - what a fun weekend!