Friday, July 31, 2015

Five on Friday

Anyone miss five on Fridays? I sure do. Also I get in 1000 times better of a mood when its Friday. It's like 'I can make it!'

1. A few weekends ago we threw one of my best friend's a baby shower in Greenville. So much fun! I cannot wait for her little boy to be here - so I have a newborn to cuddle with! Olivia left with the boys for a little while to eat bbq (aka mac and cheese), play in a pitcher of water, and run around on the restaurant outdoor patio. It was nice to hang out with everyone hands free!

2. Olivia's newest favorite past time is Instagram. She will hand me my phone and say "baby doggie, pweas?" She likes to point out all of the babies and the doggies. And say "aweeeee" every time she sees one. And then say "more baby?" when we pass by food or books on a shelf or anything else boring. ;) It's the only time she will sit still or in my lap, so I'll take it.

3.  All we do around here is play in water. Olivia wears about 3 outfits a day. It's been so hot - that we do spend a bit of time at playgrounds, on walks, and in her cozy coupe - but once a day (or more) we play with the hose, sprinklers, pool, or water table. Olivia's helping her daddy water a tree. 

4. Along with water, popsicles are a must. And ice water. It's hot.

She stole my popsicle here - so she could double fist.

Ice water always tastes better out of mama's cup.

5. I found this selfie on Dan's phone. Olivia really has her selfie face down. She took three selfies on Gigi (Dan's mom's) phone and Instagrammed them all. She's a social media pro. 

Happy weekend!!


  1. Her little smile is so sweet. I honestly believe they think everything mama eats/drinks tastes better haha

    1. Haha - everything I eat or drink is better. If we both have a popsicle, she has to trade with me.

  2. I would totally follow Olivia's Instagram :). Maybe she can teach me snapchat too. Love that squishy smile face - it is the best. And it is crazy hot. We had ice cream three times one week in July. KC is obsessed with straws in drinks. And it can't be a baby cup, it has to look like a real cup/straw combo.

  3. She's the cutest!! Sounds like summer is a blast despite the heat and your popsicles look tasty. I guess Olivia will be asking for her own phone and insta account for her 2nd birthday?? Hope you're having a great week :)