Thursday, June 25, 2015

18 Months of Olivia

This is delayed, as she is 20 months now, but I don't want to forget all of these little things. 

  • She calls trash, "tush."
  • I asked her to say "grandma" the other day and she said "gay-ma-ma." Sure. 
  • For peekaboo, she calls it "Peepeeboo." 
  • We taught her to shake her head no awhile ago and it was really helpful. To teach her yes I put my hand on her head to push it nodding up and down. Now when I say "yes or no?" If its a yes, Olivia puts one hand on her head and shoves her face forward and backward, instead of nodding. Makes us crack up. Looks ridiculous, but we know what she means.
  • Olivia throws her hands in the air and waves them whenever one of her favorite songs comes on - like 'this is my jam.' When she did that to a Led Zeppelin song, I don't think Dan has ever been more proud of her. 
  • She says bubble, ball, bird, dog, duck, mom, dad, Koda, all done, more, water, milk, paci, Elmo, peekaboo, boo, trash, shoes, bow, baby, yum, no, purple, blue.
  • Her favorite (pink) shoes she calls "purple shoes." Clearly, we're still working on colors.
  • She still loves being outside, despite the 100 degree heat. Her water table and the pool are lifesavers.
  • She loves pointing mama and dada out in pictures and then pointing to us in real life.
  • She's a dancing queen. She can spend half an hour with music just dancing around. Always on beat (with Dan's lack of rhythm we we're worried.) She's teaching me new dance moves every day. 
  • She loves pointing out babies, even the ones that are her age.
  • Slides are a huge favorite, and she will never pass up a playground.
  • She has to have her toenails painted and complains when they are chipped. Once painted she keeps pointing to them going "Ooooooo!" 
  • She is so type-a. She can't have messy hands. If she sees something on the floor (paper, food) it has to immediately go in the trash can. We've been known to pick up trash in Target and take it to a trashcan. If something doesn't go somewhere in the house she'll stress and want to put it back in it's spot. I LOVE HER! :)
  • She loves an adventure, pillow fights with her daddy on the sofa, and things that go high and go fast. 
  • She loves blowing bubbles herself.
  • When things are hot she blows and when things are cold she tucks both her arms into her chest and shivers.
  • She is the greatest gift we have ever been given, and she gets more and more fun with every day that passes.


More Cake pop?

When we ask her to "smile" - its too cute to correct her.

Dan told her they needed to leave for daycare. She rushed around the house to get her phone, keys, and her lovies. All packed.

I use two coolers with water for my workouts and then Olivia plays with the water. Dan - remember when our grass was green?

Olivia's first ice cream cone - which she refused to share.

In order to make it through grocery shopping, I gave her a cookie larger than her head.


  1. What a great list of cute traits. I love that she already is a fan of order and organization. Picking up trash at Target made me laugh, calling all kids babies is sweet and I'm jealous of all her yummy treats. I bet that ice cream cone was a big hit. The color confusion is cute. Olive goes through phases - one day everything is green or purple. Lately strangers have been asking her what her favorite color is. She just blankly stares at them like they're crazy. #shesonlytwo

  2. She is absolutely precious and getting sooo big! I think you need to send her to our house for some cleaning though! I am so jealous! Hallie loves making messes! Other than that, they are SO alike, and I am still convinced they would be besties if we lived close by! Hallie loves pointing out the 3 of us in pictures too! Oh and of course she points at Stella (the puppy) and has to kiss the picture frame!

  3. Kelley she is just too precious!! Love the head nodding yes! And her squinty smile - goodness this age is just so fun!!