Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

As of 2 pm, I am officially off work and ready to celebrate Thanksgiving with family. For a work event, we had to come up with one picture for a slideshow of what we are thankful for. Clearly, this is what I put together:

I am thankful for every thing about that face and about that baby. As we look toward the holiday, I think people tend to get wrapped up in cooking, hosting, gifting, shopping, stressing, first world problems, etc. and forget about all the blessings in their life. For me, my friends and family are healthy. Nothing else matters. Seriously.

The dry cleaners ruined one of my favorite work dresses this week. (#Tuesday) I told the lady that if that's the worst thing to happen to me, I'm pretty dang lucky. There are many people going through rough times right now. I can't help but think about how truly blessed we are.

And it has everything to do with this little girl.

(I promise she looked super cute (and her cream leggings are glitter!) before she got all dirty. But dirty is so much more fun!)

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. I wish more people thought like you! The world would be such a better place. Olivia is so so so adorable.

  2. All so true!! And she looks precious!! Happy thanksgiving!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! Hope the Midwest wasn't too cold for you :)

    1. We stayed inside for most of it. Haha. It was 4 degrees one day. That might be too cold for me!