Friday, October 17, 2014

Happy Birthday Olivia! pt 2

You can read her birth story here

One year ago, Dan and I headed to the hospital giddy, giggling, and so excited to meet our little girl. When you are pregnant you hear all these horror stories from others about giving birth. So many friends are nervous about 'the giving birth part' and even some who swear they will have a surrogate (jokingly - I think) to not have to go through labor. 

When I say it was the best day of my life, I mean it. I would have a million kids to go through that day over and over. I realize not everyone is lucky enough to have wonderful birth experiences, but I want people to know that it isn't always bad. With all these horror stories, you have to meet someone at the other end of the spectrum, right?

It was like Christmas morning, only a million times better. We didn't know what she would look like. We didn't know what her name would be. We knew we loved her - but we had no idea how much. 

And when we finally got to hold her - oh, Olivia - you stole our hearts right then and there. 

When pregnant, people would tell me to be careful wishing her out, because she was much easier to feed and cart around on the inside. 

Let me tell you guys - she's so much more fun on the outside. I could kiss her chubby little cheeks for days. And listen to her saying "mamamama" over and over. See her face light up when I come into daycare. Watch her kicking around in her monkey jammies. Feed her new foods, and watch her make different facial expressions. Hold her up into the light and stare at that one strand of hair that is two inches longer than all the rest. Watch her mischievous face when she's a few feet away from the dog's water bowl - about to make a run for it. Melt into a puddle when she grabs my face and gives my cheek a slobbery kiss. Take a look at the monitor where she is sleeping butt in the air and face planted into the sheets. See her light up when I mention 'checking the mail,' and her poor, frustrated self when I take the mail away. Watch her delight in ordinary objects, like a crinkly water bottle that we take for granted. See her push up on her tippy toes to reach higher than she ever has before. I could do all of that all day. And making her laugh so hard that she squeals. I'll do anything for that laugh.

Olivia, I'd say you are much better on the outside.

I love you more than I ever thought I could love. 

Happy birthday, sweet cheeks!


  1. Sooo sweet! I totally agree! Our labor wasn't scary at all! It's so much better having her here! Pregnancy was scary for me! I'd so much rather go through the one day of labor than 9 months of pregnancy!

    1. I'm glad you feel the same! I feel like I'm in the minority! Pregnancy wasn't the easiest - but it was so worth it!

  2. I'm so glad you had an easy delivery! I've had two pretty yucky ones and one halfway decent one and yet I'd still go through everything again in a heartbeat for another little one! I have a friend who is about to deliver and I keep telling her that I'm going to build it up to be terrible so she'll have all these crazy bad expectations and be pleasantly surprised.

    Happy birthday to such a fun little lady!! I can't wait to hear more about the celebration.

    1. Haha - that's so funny! Maybe that's why I didn't think it was bad at all - because I heard a lot of horror stories!

  3. Kelley, you are so eloquent! That was beautifully said.