Monday, July 22, 2013

27 Weeks

Did you hear that Kate Middleton had her baby today? A boy! Whew! I was worried that if our baby came early, she might outshine the royal baby. Thank goodness that is no longer a concern. Media coverage: feel free to proceed.

These are always about half a week late. But, really, I’m going for consistency here.

I passed my glucose test! For those who don’t know – you drink this awful drink (where you get to pick a flavor, and your doctor tells you ‘whatever you do, only get the orange’ and then you go to the guy and he says ‘we only have fruit punch left!’ But you knew this would happen because fruit punch is your least favorite drink in the entire world, and it’s a Tuesday). Then you wait an hour and start shaking, and they take your blood. Then if you fail – which many people do – you have wait a week to do the big test, that is much more accurate, requiring 4 blood draws and 3 hours of shaking. But if you pass, you immediately head to the cheesecake factory. It’s all routine, really.

At the same appointment, they do a routine CBC and mine came back as “indeed, anemic.” I am not sure why the adjective “indeed” was thrown in there, but on the anemia scale, I guess I am not close to “borderline.” I was immediately called in a prescription for iron. Not shocking, honestly, I have had low iron levels in the past, and it is pretty common with pregnancy.

I felt like I got all my energy back at 20 weeks, and then at 24 weeks hit a wall and told Dan ‘either I have mono, or low iron, this can’t be normal.’ I know that energy levels go down in the third trimester, especially as you get bigger, but I couldn’t believe that I only got about 4 weeks of feeling human. We hadn’t even started on the nursery yet! I am glad that is solved and in the next week or so I should start feeling much better.

You’ll get the full run down in the 28 week post. Right now, there’s ice cream in the freezer that hasn’t been eaten.


  1. So happy you didn't end up with the 3 hour test. It's not pleasant when you hate needles! Looking good sweetie and you're rockin' those 7's.

    1. I could do the blood being taken four times ... the fact that they have to reuse arms creeps me out! Either way, not something I had to worry about! Thank goodness!

  2. I heard the cutest baby name today
    Isn't that awesome?
    If you have a red headed child

    1. I think the way it'll go: we name her Ruby, she has blonde hair. we don't name her Ruby, she'll be a red head. :)