Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Dan's Birthday

As I mentioned one post back, Dan has mono - and had it over his birthday. While our plans originally consisted of going to dinner, then out to bars with friends - it quickly changed to "stay up past 9 o'clock." 

A feat which I can say we successfully accomplished.

It started on Saturday with Chick-fil-a breakfast just before Buy Buy Baby to finalize the great stroller hunt. Have you ever looked for strollers? I have been very decisive in all of this registering - but the stroller has thrown me for a loop. So many options. None of them all in one stroller.

I would go into stores and say "I have narrowed it down to two!" and they would reply "butttt...have you looked at this one?!" At one point I told the lady at Buy Buy Baby to just stop. I said, "If you show me any other options, I am going to be even more difficult to deal with. Proceed with caution."

I digress.

Stroller decided on.

Sort of.

I still go back and forth. 

Oh well. 

Next we went to get Dan his birthday present. He doesn't want me to tell you about it on the blog. But it's kind of a funny story. So feel free to text me if you want to know what his birthday present was!

After that - since things like shopping wears us out these days - we came back to get ready for dinner. 

Yup. I wore these leggings out in public.

The Palm does a lobster "special." It is a good deal for The Palm - but I wouldn't quite call it a steal, definitely a special occasion dinner. The Palm has really good food, but I personally find it a little over priced. For steaks, we are big Ruth's Chris fans (it was our favorite meal on our honeymoon - haha), and The Palm is a tad more expensive than Ruth's Chris. But the food is great, and the lobster was definitely worth it. 

We stayed up past nine. Barely. And then headed to bed.

On Sunday, we went to Starbucks to get his free drink, and then Dunkin Donuts. 

His choice. 

I did not oppose. 

Although, I might have had a slight panic attack when I realized that there were three children in front of us and only two chocolate sprinkle donuts left. Fortunately the children don't know delicious and chose different flavors.

Next we played musical closets to get all of the stuff that we haven't worn in two years, crap, stuff we juuust might need one day, out of what will be the baby's room. Successful start to the nursery. And a pretty good effort by this elderly couple here. 

Dan grilled a steak for himself. 

Are you drooling? I am. He grilled me a mushroom. 

Not the same.

Then we had key lime pie for dessert. I didn't even bother cutting a pretty slice to take a nice picture of it. We just dug right in and destroyed the pie. It is a little time intensive but seriously the best key lime pie. I'll share the recipe here shortly.

Then Dan opened presents. I made sure everything was wrapped well. Martha Stewart style.

Between baby shopping and the early bed time, it wasn't exactly what Dan had in mind for his 27th birthday, but we found it to be quite a perfect weekend. A relaxing one that we both needed.

Happy birthday Dan!!


  1. I always get the Chocolate Sprinkles donut. Definitely the best! This was such a cute funny post- sorry you only get to enjoy grilled mushrooms these days... But you look adorable! Happy birthday to Dan!

    1. Thanks Shannon!! (this reply is super delayed - somehow your comment went to spam). Just a few more weeks until I can have med-rare steak. Until then, bring on the chocolate sprinkles!