Thursday, August 23, 2012

What's blooming in my yard

Since most of my yard looks something like this:

This was a huge hosta. I am talking basketball sized leaves. I now know that deer will hop a
fence if something looks tasty. Anyway, I will probably do a whole post on before and
afters of bunny and deer dinner my yard. 
I want to celebrate what is actually blooming currently, and managed to survive the wildlife. Mostly thanks to Bobbex.

We have a few gerbera daisies.

A lone, red petunia. Just so teeny and perfect. 

Some lovely beauty bush that I cannot wait to put in fall arrangements.

What has been my absolute favorite, a simple red geranium. These haven't been eaten, knock on wood, and kept their wonderful red color throughout last fall. 

Some weeds. 

Whoops, you weren't supposed to see that. I always weed. There is absolutely no clover in our yard. 

A whole bunch of pink petunias right by the mailbox. I love the tiny bit of teal inside these. 

Light pink begonias.

Red begonias.

Purple angelonia which has grown like wildfire. 

Look at how cool the individual flowers look close up. Almost like bugs. Except not. Because bugs aren't cool. They are terrifying. More like cartoon faces .. yes .. less terrifying. 

And two little bushes of moss rose that have these tiny surprises all coming back. 

So there you have it. What is blooming in my front yard - despite my whines and complaints about the bunnies. But, oh, what my yard could have looked like without them. 

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