Saturday, August 11, 2012

Dried hydrangeas

Have yall seen my mom's blog on how to dry hydrangeas? (Who knew the key was picking at the right time?) She was so nice in drying some for me. Currently, I have a large vase in the middle of the dining room table, and another large vase in the living room.

The original plan was to use some short square vases and put one short stem hydrangea in each vase and use this as decor in guest rooms and on shelves around the house.

I think part of it was my fear of cutting these long stems. But somehow I just fell in love with these large statement arrangements. 

I could put dried hydrangeas in every room in the house. I love how they are colorful all year round. Somehow the blues, purples, and greens manage to go with anything.  They aren't fake, but don't have to be watered. Second only to fresh flowers.

Sorry mom - looks like we will be drying more next year! :) Only next year I will have pink to contribute.

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  1. I'm so happy you love them! And, I'm impressed by your photography too! There will be plenty more next year! I've always been rather reluctant to cut the blooms, wanting to enjoy them on the plant instead. But this way we can enjoy the colors year round.