Monday, April 24, 2017


I really want to blog more - I love having all of these memories written down. But then, once the kids are in bed, and the laundry is finished, and the kitchen clean, I just want to Netflix and chill, ya know? 

So instead of catching up, I thought I'd just pick right back up with what I remember. This weekend.

Friday we went to a food truck night. They had 8-10 food trucks, a big open field, a tree to climb, and a playground for the kiddos. We went with 3 other families and the kids had a blast. It also made Friday feel like a Saturday, and the weekend seem even longer.

Saturday we went for a run to a playground and ran back home. I've been running a bit with the double stroller, and I'll tell you, that 80 extra pounds makes it hard - haha. Then we went to the white water center. The girls had fun, but it was crowded, and I worried about Olivia falling into the rapids, so not really a place for them to run around. We grabbed dinner outside to soak in a few more minutes of the gorgeous weather.

Sunday we played in the toy section of Target for awhile before heading to Amelie's for lunch and Chuck E Cheese to avoid the rainy day. 

We had a few extra peeps so we made some peeps playdoh which was a huge hit!

And have you seen the Victoria Beckham for Target clothes? I'm obsessed. I got their Easter outfits there, as well as these adorable and so soft PJs for Olivia.

And, today, I had to get a picture of Olivia making the asparagus. We cook most of our veggies this way - super easy, so Olivia is in charge! Just a pan, some foil, and spray olive oil. Today was PJ day at school, and she celebrated a Firetruck birthday for a classmate - so she was decked out making her veggies.


  1. I want to live near fun outdoor family friendly things!! And the real question- does Olivia then eat that asparagus? My kids are currently boycotting veggies AND chicken. #thetoddlerfeedingstruggleisreal Those VB clothes- CUTE! And I bought those ice cream leggings for Lawter too!