Thursday, April 27, 2017

Easter 2017

We had a wonderful Easter weekend. The girls had an egg hunt and egg dying play date. Olivia chose their outfits.

How most of the pictures looked:

But we snuck a few good ones.

And then Emma needed a new outfit.

And she got that one dirty too, so she needed a third outfit for the egg hunt.

Some target dollar spot fun. 

On Easter morning, we started with Easter baskets from Mom and Dad. (The bunny was a little scary, so Olivia asked that mom and dad did the easter basket this year because "bunnies might scare us if they come inside our house.") These mini grocery carts were a huge hit!

Emma got a chocolate bunny, which she destroyed.

My second shoe lover. This girl! She has legitimately woken up from naps because she can see her shoes, but can't get to them. And she once slept with a pair of shoes because we couldn't pry them from her shoe-loving grip. This girl changes shoes every half an hour, and loves all of her shoes. It is too funny!

After church, we went to brunch and had a wonderful day as a family, enjoying the beautiful weather. 


  1. LOVE the girl's Easter outfits and your dress is gorgeous. Emma's such a little diva with three wardrobe changes :) Glad you all had such a wonderful Easter. Olivia's so funny about not wanting that big bunny to come in your house :)

  2. These pictures are too much!! I forgot we have the Hanna bunny jams too!! I have got to find all my girl clothes (and bows)! Emma cracks me up with the shoes!! KC was so similar at her age. Now her favorite thing to do when she has a temper tantrum is take her shoes off and throw them.

  3. Love the fashion show Em- all the looks are fab! Seriously the girls dresses are all so precious and do such a great job getting outfit pics of them! I'm terrriibblllleee at that!

  4. What beautiful dresses. Those pink dresses are lovely with their colouring!