Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Emma Baby

Thought it was time for a little Emma update. She's walking everywhere. Only has two teeth. And gets a sunburn when Alexa even mentions sun. 

She says so many words - which is a big difference from Olivia. She says "Emma" "Milk" "That" "Koda" "Mama" "Dada" "Olivia" (ay-da-da) "dog" "hi" "bye" "airplane" "baby" "thank you" - and we are learning more and more each day. It took us awhile to realize she was saying "tank ooo" after we hand her things. This little one talks ALL the time, in full sentences. If only we knew what she was saying. ;)

She waves with her whole arm up and down, and does this sweet little motion, opening and closing her fist to say "hold me." 

She's stingy with those smiles and laughs which makes them all that more amazing. 

Her little hair is getting these baby curls in the back that are two parts adorable one party crazy - which matches her perfectly. 

She only wants to drink out of a big cup - no sippys for this chicka. Too funny because Olivia still uses a sippy cup. Emma has always wanted to be a big kid. So anything 'big' - she wants in. 

She is our adventurer. A better climber than I've ever seen. Insists on playing on the big kid playground. Climbs to the top, through the tunnel, turns herself around and goes down the big slide on her stomach feet first. When she flies off the end, she just laughs and goes to do it again. (She was doing this at 9 months before walking!)

Speaking of, she's definitely keeping us on our toes. I was RIGHT next to her and heard another kid scream. Worried it was Olivia, I looked up and Emma did two backflips down the stairs of the playground. I picked her up - thinking she had died, obviously - and she screamed bloody murder. I was trying to console her and she was pushing at me and I was all "I know that hurt Emma!" and when I couldn't contain her anymore, I set her on the ground, and she fiercely crawled away giggling. She was screaming because I took her away from the fun, not because she was hurt.

She's got skinned knees and elbows from trying to keep up with the big kids in the neighborhood - none of it phases her. Meanwhile, Olivia needs a bandaid if she finds a freckle.

Emma has given us a few other heart attacks. At Christmas, she ate a broken ornament and was smiling, drooling blood. She unscrewed a drawer pull and had it in her mouth (who knew you'd need to baby proof that!) and ate a starlight round peppermint before she was 6 months. Emma!

She is so content to play by herself and loves to use the toy in the 'right' way. She colors on paper, makes food in her kitchen, stirs pretend bowls, puts spices on her food, stacks blocks, pushes cars, feeds babies, and applies her make up. I even found her with a paintbrush putting on eyeshadow. She watches everyone and knows how we use things and mimics us. Daycare is always talking about how she is one smart baby!

She just lights up our life, is the best addition to our family, and has her big sister's heart. And makes sure we're watching her constantly


  1. LOVE her! Can't wait to hear her say Gaga!

  2. What a funny little thing!! That's crazy that she's talking so much, how fun! L was our talker; T is not a man of many (coherent) words yet. ha I can't say Tell is quite the daredevil Em seems to be but I hear ya about the constant watching. He's much more adventurous than big sis! I've been working on a post for T's updates too; I'd say up tomorrow but that may be a little ambitious for me... haha

  3. Little miss gives you a run for your money! I can't believe how brave she is!! Watch out world :) Does Olivia ever try to hover and keep her safe?