Monday, October 17, 2016

Emma - Eight Months

Emma is so old, she's almost one, which means basically a toddler, which means we'll be dropping her off at college soon, and I'm not ready for that. 

Height: 26.25 inches
Weight: 14 pounds 12 ounces

Sleep:  She still wakes once per night at 1 am. Since I go to bed at 11 and up at 5, 1 is the worst. If she did 4am, like Olivia used to, I'd at least get a 5 hour stretch. Emma goes 5 hours without eating. Many of my friends had newborns that did 5 hour stretches. Womp womp.

Eating: She loves food! She'll destroy food faster than Olivia ever did. But she doesn't like sweets. She'll gag at fruits and only eat a little. Give this girl a meat or a green veggie and she can't get enough. This one loves peas!

Milestones: We are officially crawling! She's also pulling up, but can't get past one foot and one knee to stand all the way up. Slow down sweet Emma. I want you to stay a baby!

Clothes / Diapers: 9-12 months and size 3 diapers.

Best Moment of the Month: It seems really simple but I had the girls on the school playground. Olivia was swinging and Emma was watching her smiling. Emma would shriek and laugh when Olivia smiled back. Olivia just looked at Emma and smiles in this huge exaggerated smile that people only do toward a baby and said "boopers!" (Olivia's nickname for Emma) "Boopers, I love you!" Emma lit up and had the biggest grin. I just love their bond.

Parent of the Month: This goes to me. I was taking her 8 month pictures and then looked down at the camera to see what they were looking like and she leaned forward, fell of the chair, and faceplanted into the ground. Poor Emma. And photos were over at that point.

Favorites: Emma loves paper and tries to eat it. Dan found these indestructible books that look like paper but are waterproof. So Emma can eat on them all she wants without ingesting paper. 


  1. Happy 8 Em! T is still sooooo close to the crawling but instead he is doing a little cave man baby like stance and putting his booty allll the way up in the air because he just cannot figure out FORWARD! And girl, let your mama get some sleep for heaven's sake!

  2. Those cheeks! She is so darn cute! Way to go Dan for finding those books!