Saturday, June 18, 2016

Emma - Four Months

Height: 24.25 inches
Weight: 12 pounds

Sleep: I actually have good news to report! The Zantac diminished the night wakings for sure! She started to trust that eating wouldn't hurt her. Started eating more. And then started sleeping longer stretches at night, and is pretty much down to waking once per night. Olivia did the 4am feed until she was 8 months. I'm cool with that. Especially because work starts soon and I leave without seeing the girls in the morning. I kinda like an excuse to snuggle her before getting ready for work.

Eating: Still doesn't take the bottle. Work starts back this week, so hopefully daycare and our nanny will be able to get her to. I've heard that some kids will refuse to eat and then make up for it at night. Please Emma - keep sleeping!

Best Moment of the Month: The first time she laughed out loud. I had been rushing around, helping our dictator, getting snacks, the TV turned on, lugging Emma around through all of this. I set Emma down, changed her diaper while telling Olivia 'almost nap time.' I stopped for a second to look at Emma and smile. It was like she was just waiting for me. Her eyes lit up and she got this big smile and then burst out laughing. She couldn't contain her excitement that I was paying attention to her! She's going to be a little ham.

Parent of the Month: Let me take this time to tell you how Emma gets scared. When she was in my stomach if I patted my stomach or touched it, she would jump so hard I could feel her. She is still the little scaredy cat! If I laugh or speak after a slight period of silence, she jumps and screams with her bottom lip out like I was so mean to have scared her so horribly. When our dog barks, when I take her into Whole Foods and that breeze blows that keeps the bugs out, when we go into a store and there is a large climate change, when we enter an elevator, if I pick her up too quickly - scared, sad, screaming. Worst mom ever. She won't be riding the rollercoasters with Olivia!

Milestones: Emma is laughing out loud, 'standing' all the time, and really interactive. She can tell when we walk in the room. She lights up when she sees us. She loves holding her toys, bringing them to her mouth and chewing on them. Loves chewing her fists and drooling like crazy. She's also mastered the 'raspberries.' I just love how interactive she is at this age, but still such a baby. So much fun! Don't get any bigger!

Clothes / Diapers: Still in size 2 diapers but she's in 3-6 or 6-9 clothes. She's able to wear some of Olivia's spring stuff from when she was 9 months - which I love. Olivia's summer clothes are my favorite so I'm thrilled to reuse them.

Favorites: Emma is loving Sophie the giraffe. Olivia never loved it much - but Emma just loves to hold Sophie and chew. This is a great age for her play mat and hanging toys that she can bat and chew on. We've also been using the baby bjorn since Emma likes to look out so much - the wrap days are over.


  1. She's beautiful!! I loved reading her update and the list of things that scare her. Isn't it funny how different siblings can be? Sophie was always a favorite at our house so I'm curious to see if that rings true the 2nd time around. I laughed at your dictator comment bc I am bossed around by one all day long. She seems to be getting bossier which makes me nervous. Glad you all are getting more sleep and that Emma is doing better. Thinking of you as you're headed back to work. You've got this! I bet Emma will eventually take a bottle like a champ and then be your bff when you come home :)

  2. Emma is such a pretty baby and I feel like the name Emma just fits her so well. Baby laughs are the best! Isn't it so neat how even in your stomach she had a personality that she still has today.