Thursday, March 10, 2016

Emma - One Month

I can't believe I'm already writing this post. Maybe because a good night's sleep no longer distinguishes days - it seems like it's been a day since we brought her home.

I wrote these for Olivia full of super boring topics (like the size diaper she wore). And have used the info so much (like when Target was having a huge diaper sale and I wondered how I could stock up). So I want to do the same for Emma.

She's a little more chill than Olivia - and can handle being put down. I think that gets harder as they get older, so we'll have to see how that one goes. But other than that, they seem like the exact same baby. Will be interesting to see how their personalities differ!

Height: 21 1/4 inches
Weight: 9 pounds

Sleep: I laughed at this one in Olivia's one month post and I'll do the same here. What is sleep? Emma is super sweet and pretty chill. She eats every 3 hours, even at night. But she's just awake, ready to party, and pissed as hell if you leave her alone in the crib. She's all "10pm party in my crib, goes all night! now, where the eff are my guests?" I guess she still has nights and days mixed up and we've been following ALL the tricks to a T and she's just staying a party animal. 

Dan's been taking the 9-12 shift and I've been taking 12-6 and then from 6-7 we're both usually super cranky until one of us gets us coffee. But we're surviving. And I'm doing stupid things with this lack of sleep - but we will sleep again one day.

Eating: She eats every 3 hours. It's really been a great schedule. I have to wake her up every time during the day. She repays the favor at night. When Dan gives her a bottle she eats about 3-4 ounces.

Best Moment of the Month: Meeting Emma, obviously. It also happens to be the same day that Olivia got to meet her, which is my second favorite moment. Olivia loves her so much and it's so sweet to see. O made up the word "huggle" for, I guess, hold/hug/snuggle. We use it now, so Olivia will never realize that it isn't a real word. If Emma is crying Olivia will run over and say "Mama, huggle her!" She gave Emma one of her bunny lovies because Emma didn't have any in her crib. She keeps trying to give Emma a paci - because she loves them so much - but Emma has 0 interest in a pacifier. 

Olivia always wants to hold Emma, see Emma, and when we pick her up from school instead of yelling "mom" she yells "Emma!" She tells everyone about her baby sister and is dying to feed her, change her, play with her, etc. 

We didn't have dinner plans the other night (read, no one had brought us dinner), Olivia hadn't napped and I couldn't get Emma down for hers with Olivia - so I offered to take everyone to Whole Foods to pick out dinner. Emma was crying in her carseat while we were in the driveway and Olivia goes "I know Emma. We're almost at whole foods." 

When Olivia whines in the car on the way home from school, I always say "I know Olivia, but we're almost home." I thought it was so funny! Especially since we hadn't even left the driveway, so clearly we weren't 'almost' there.

Worst Moment of the Month: Definitely spilling mimosa on her face when we went to a baby shower 1 week after she was born. Girl didn't flinch. She probably loved it.

Milestones: Her neck is definitely stronger that Olivia's was - we don't have to support it nearly as much. But she's pretty bad at tummy time. Hates it. Usually spits up and then rubs her face in it. What other milestones are they supposed to hit at one month? #secondkidproblems

Clothes / Diapers: Still in newborn diapers and clothes but the sleepers are getting a little short. I'm sad because I bought 3 Ralph Lauren sleepers (super soft) in newborn and we have none for 0-3 months. I dressed Olivia in all these cute top and bottoms at this age. Poor Emma is lucky to get out of the house without spit up on her shirt (mom is too!) #secondkid 

Favorites: Emma loves ceiling fans as much as her sister did. And she loves being around us. She doesn't love Olivia as much as Olivia loves her - but thats because O smothers her face and squeezes her toes a little too hard for "this little piggy." 

I could not live without the Moby wrap. I wear it to pick up O and Emma naps while O plays on the playground. I can then put her back in it when we get home and go for walks or play outside with Olivia. I wear it everywhere when we go out of the house. It's too hard to have a shopping cart with the carrier in it. If Olivia goes running, do you chase the toddler with the cart or leave the infant? Wearing E is the only way. I have both hands free to grab Olivia when she races to go down the escalator by herself.

I still can't believe we have two kids. But I'm loving every minute of it! (Except 12-6am, someone else come take that shift).


  1. aww one month already! Ceiling fans are pretty great =) I have all the 'boring' details for Aria too. So nice to look back on when you need to remember something.

  2. I can't believe she's already one month! She's adorable and I love that Olivia is so doting! Hope sleep gets better soon, but enjoy those snuggles...huggles... even if they are in the middle of the night! I miss those! Ps, Hal calls them snuggies!

  3. You're doing great! Both of your girls are so adorable. I miss Mase being that small. Huggle is the perfect word Olivia! Love it! Olivia seems to be doing so well as a big sister. I l I very reading all the sweet things she does and says to Emma. Makes my heart melt!

  4. You're doing great! Both of your girls are so adorable. I miss Mase being that small. Huggle is the perfect word Olivia! Love it! Olivia seems to be doing so well as a big sister. I l I very reading all the sweet things she does and says to Emma. Makes my heart melt!

  5. She's beautiful! Can't wait to see all of you again!

  6. One month!?! Well that sure flew by for me :) Glad Emma is doing so well and I love hearing Olivia's big sister stories. They're a pretty sweet duo. Maybe you should have those newborn sleepers altered to cut off the feet so it would buy her a little more time wearing them :) Baby alternations are totally a thing right?? Hope you all get a little more sleep than usual this weekend

  7. Your experience reminds me so much of my first two. It brings back the sweetest memories (of before they started fighting constantly ;) ). I can't believe Emma is a month old! INSANE!!