Thursday, April 9, 2015


First of all, thanks for all the sweet comments and emails on the last post. We had the most wonderful weekend! The weather was wonderful and we were outside all weekend. Olivia is feeling much better, and as of Tuesday started sleeping through the night again. She's been so sweet, and I'm glad to have my baby back.

Easter started earlier in the week with a sweet play date. Of course my child is the one hysterically in tears. It was two days after her surgery and all she wanted was for me to hold her. She wasn't happy about sitting on the bench with her friends for the photo op. I will say, for 8 kids under 20 months, looking in the right direction is about the best we can ask for.

Dan was supposed to be out of town all weekend, but he drove all night Saturday night to surprise us on Easter morning. 

As a side story, Olivia loves cars. She likes to play in our cars and pretend to drive them. She calls them bubbles and we have no idea why. We'll be in a parking lot and she'll go "bubble. bubble. bubble. buh-ble." 

Dan pulls in the driveway after driving all night and Olivia just lights up. She has this huge smile and she starts running toward him. Dan gets out of the car.

"Olivia I missed you too!"
Olivia is laughing and running.
Dan squats down to hug her. 
Olivia runs right past him and climbs into the car.

Turns out she didn't want to see you. She was just excited that you brought her a new bubble.

The Easter basket was a huge hit until she opened the third egg and it, too, had Goldfish in it. She looked at me like, "A little variety would have been nice mom." Noted.

And then we had to get a ton of pictures of her in her little Easter Lilly from Aunt Sam and Uncle Jason. I need to find a million more reasons for her to wear this.

Hope you guys had a wonderful Easter! 


  1. Oh my goodness that dress! I'm so glad she's feeling better. There's nothing worse than your baby be sick. You get such awesome pictures of her. I love the last three.

  2. So glad she's feeling better and that you had a calmer Easter after all your recent "excitement." That baby Lily dress... oh my dear. So precious.

  3. She is looking too cute in that dress! Baby girl needed some chocolate in those eggs. Very cute story about the bubble. Poor Greg...the bubble gets all the attention.

  4. Olivia! Always full of spunk! She is such a cutie! Glad to hear she is feeling better! Love the last photo of her with the shoe! Lol that would be my kid!

  5. I'm so glad she's feeling better and that you had a great weekend!! She looks precious in her Lilly! And the story about the bubble is hilarious! Someday you'll have that "ah ha" moment where it will all make sense as to why it's bubble (hopefully) and I bet it will be even funnier!

  6. Oh my gosh Olivia is adorable!! That Lilly dress must be worn often :) Her Easter basket was cute and it looks like she loved it. I laughed at your bubble/car stories. Does she like to play with little cars? We only have one or two, but Olive always goes for them when we are other places. I wonder if Olivia would like them? Glad you had a great Easter and that your hubby got home early for it. Hope your week of travels have flown by and that you can zoom home to your girl!!

  7. Beautiful girl! I love Olivia's Lilly dress; she looks like a little Easter princess :)