Sunday, January 18, 2015

Just You Wait

You know the 'just you wait'ers? The people who, no matter what you are doing right now, tell you that there's always something worse lying ahead?

If you are one of those people, I apologize. I'm going to talk about how obnoxious you are. 

They say these things because they know. They've been there. You haven't. So you don't.

Just wait until you get married and are tied down to only one person, then you'll be miserable.

You're married and it's fun now, but just you wait until you have kids. Then your lives are over.

You think the first trimester is bad? Wait until the third when you are huge - then you'll really be complaining.

You think you are tired now? Wait until the baby is here. You don't even know the meaning of tired.

You are ready for the baby to be here? Ha. Just you wait until labor. You'll wish that baby could stay in forever. 

You think having a newborn is hard? Wait until they start crawling - then your life is over.

They crawl fast huh? Well nothing compares to walking. You'll wish they never learned to walk.

You think toddlers are bad? Wait until you have teenagers!

Just you wait. Your life is going to get worse. I know these things.

Why do people do it? Is it cool to have this doomsday approach to life? Are they better because they are more miserable? I don't care what you are going through, the last helpful thing someone can say is 'it's only downhill from here.'

And the worst part, is people start to believe it. I am hearing more and more people make caveats that tells me that the 'just you wait'ers are sitting in the back of their mind. "I'm tired! BUT I know it's only going to get worse so I should get used to it." 

Is it so hard to say something like, "wow what a wonderful time in your life."? Or "the best is really yet to come." ?

I want to be like "suck it, 'just you wait'ers" - my life has only gotten better and better.

Being married to my best friend is awesome.

But having Olivia topped that.

I never felt better the entire pregnancy than those last few weeks. The day I went into labor was the best I felt the entire time.

Labor? Best day of my life. A breeze. I'd have a million babies to go through that day a million times.

I was more tired pregnant than with a newborn - you just don't sleep that well pregnant!

Olivia became so much more happy once she could crawl. She could finally get to the toys she wanted.

Once she walked, man did she get easier. Less lugging her around, more carefully watching her sweet steps. And a whole new world of games - chase, pushing things around, playing on cement.

We don't have a teenager yet (although she's working on it) but I'm choosing to believe that they are wrong on this one too. 


  1. Kelly-I just love your spirit and your positive attitude about marriage and motherhood and life. Thanks for sharing your heart.

    1. I'm so glad! I know you are enjoying married life. And you have so much to continue to look forward to!

  2. This is my mother in law to a tee!! She cannot comprehend why we would want another kid! And I'm with you - it keeps getting better and better. The people currently in the back of my mind are the "these are the best days you'll have people" and the "I would do anything to go back" people, and the "teenagers are so hard and then they leave" people. They have me freaking out about when this time is over, but I'm hanging on to hope that it will be amazing to have conversations with my kids when they are older. That traveling and eating out with them will be a different fun from what it is now. And that Chris and I may even enjoy a few dinners alone since that is something that doesn't happen now. Maybe just maybe we will love all aspects of having children in our lives and even if we "wish we could go back" hopefully we will appreciate the present for the goodness it brings too!

    1. I'm totally freaking out about that too. It almost makes me want to space out our kids so we always have a baby or toddler :) - I never want those days to be over. Hopefully we will enjoy them just as much!

  3. Agreed! People ask how I'm feeling and I feel like it's a trick question. If I say "Great!" They tell me how tough things are going to be with two under two. If I answer honestly and say "tired" ohhhh just you wait until both kids keep you up all night. Lose/Lose situation.

    1. Ugh - totally a lose lose! But once you have the baby here - if you go anywhere - or even have pants on with two under two - people will be like 'she's a rockstar!' So at least you have that to look forward to. The rockstar. Not the pants.

  4. Amen! People said all kinds of meanish things when I was pregnant... life as we knew it was over, we'd never travel again and certainly our life would be void of all things we considered fun. Well, they were wrong and I wish I could go back and tell them that. Olive is a lovely addition to our family and she's quickly growing to love everything we love.

    1. Right? Like doomsday! Olive is so cute - how could they look now at her and think your life is over! :)

  5. :) I love your posts of positivity. It makes motherhood feel less ominous that's for sure. Thanks lady!

    1. So not ominous! You might do some silly things during some sleep deprivation in the beginning - but write those down - because it's funny - and its all over too quickly. Such exciting times ahead. I can't wait for Pip to be here! You are going to love him more than you know!

  6. We'll said! I agree! One day at a time :)