Saturday, January 10, 2015

2015 So Far

I had full intentions of posting all week this week, but life had other plans. Like a stomach bug.

Say What??
On Monday I had a college hire shadowing me #greattiming. I should have known something was up when I wasn't hungry for breakfast. By 930 I started planning my escape route - you know the 'if I were to puke right now' plan that involves careful consideration of pros and cons between the trashcan in your meeting room or the bathroom down the hall. By 11 I ditched my college hire and headed home for the day.

We all got the norovirus last year, so I was counting down the minutes until the 48 hour mark when I thought I'd feel better. By day three of not eating, I started complaining to my super supportive friends.

Day four I went to the doctor. I had to wear a face mask in case I had ebola. #goodlooks He told me only liquids for 2 days - then I could try toast. Did you know lifesavers count a clear liquid? You're welcome.

While enjoying my delicious dinner of jello and chicken broth, it starts raining.

In our kitchen.

From the ceiling.

I post on Facebook, "When it rains, it pours. (See what I did there?)"

Plumber comes out late and fixes the pipe. Good thing because I hadn't washed my hair in 3 days and had planned to go into work Friday. #nasty.

He believes it could have been leaking for a few weeks even, so there could be quite a bit of dry wall damage. We won't know until we have someone cut open our ceiling. That'll be a fun day. I'll probably schedule that for a Tuesday.

So later that night Dan accidentally takes Advil PMs again! Right? 

We're sitting on the couch and Dan falls over. 

K: Dan!!!
D: Oh sorry. I thought we were in bed.
K: (pause for laughter) What did you take?
D: I only took Advil.
K: Real or PM
D: Real
K: What color?
D: Blue
K: Blue are the PMs!

So I tell him to go to bed. He says okay. Then sets off the alarm. Twice.

I tell him to go to bed again. He gets his go-pro out.

K: Do you think now is really the time to play with your go-pro?
D: Yes.
K: Go to bed.
D: I'm just going to set it up to film downstairs while we are sleeping.
K: That makes no sense. Go to bed.
D: Fine! But you are seriously going to regret it!

I can tell you, from the other side, I did not regret it. :)

After flossing for a solid 28 minutes, Dan hit the hay. 

So far 2015 has been very interesting. Blair had these good luck grapes on NYE, one for each month. One of Dan's fell on the floor. Let's hope that was January's grape.

*Clearly this post is all sarcasm as nothing bad has happened to us in 2015. Hopefully others can laugh at our misfortune. We sure are!


  1. Oh goodness... your start sounds like ours! Minus the raining in the house lol. What did he want to film downstairs!?! All I can think of is Paranormal Activity. We have a Kinect and Dean wants to do the little laser thingy to see if we see anything. Um how about no lol I hope you're feeling better. Olivia's hair is getting so long. Love it!

    1. I hope you're feeling better! There is no telling what he was going to film! But if he did find something, I think I'd have to move - haha. I saw Paranormal Activity, and if there was motion I'd assume we had a ghost. Haha. Feeling all better - thank goodness! I love that's she's finally .. slowly .. getting hair!

  2. Wowza! You are kicking off the new year with a bang. I guess the good news is that bad things come in threes so you should be in the clear for a while :) Hope your indoor raining problem gets resolved soon. You're going to have to HIDE those Advil PMs unless you are in need of some late night entertainment! Hope you're starting to feel better and back to eating real food again.

    1. Yes - I didn't think about things coming in threes. I smashed the crap out of my head on the corner cabinet last night. Maybe that was really my third instead of the PM? Either I screwed up with karma, or I'm done for awhile :). I'm getting a safe for the PMs and Dan doesn't get a key.

  3. Kelley, you are L-O-L funny! Hope you get your burger today!

    1. Got my burger on Saturday and it was the best thing ever!

  4. Replies
    1. If not, there's only two weeks left in January. (assuming that grape was the culprit..)

  5. Even when you are sick you are hilarious!! And your super supportive friend - sooo funny!! That is something my husband would say! Any chance those PMs are going down on purpose? With our sleep situation currently I could totally see Chris pretending to mistakenly take those to get out of bedtime duty :). Hope the damage isn't too much on that fun Tuesday you decide to have it looked into :)

    1. Right? I had to screenshot it, I was laughing so hard. I think you should take the PM route in your house. 'Sorry Chris - currently sleepwalking and incoherent. You feed KC.' ;)

  6. Oh my! I hope you are better and the rest of your month goes a little better! :)