Monday, September 22, 2014

Olivia - 11 Months

Height: 29.5 (80%)
Weight: 18.5 pounds (40%)

Sleep: She is still sleeping 7-7ish, with two naps a day. 

Eating: Still drinking milk as a primary source of food. She LOVES protein - she is clearly not my child. Meat, eggs, cheese and yogurts are favorites. She really doesn't like vegetables. I put some mixed veggies on her plate and she tried a bite of the broccoli - spat it out - threw all the broccoli on the floor, tried the carrot, spat it out, threw all of the carrot on the floor, and so on until her plate was empty - then looked at me like 'seriously, what is for dinner?'

Milestones: This was a big month! She got her first tooth - one on her bottom, it's only about halfway in. And she started walking! She only walks with a destination a few feet away. She isn't steady enough to walk down the street or anything. We keep rooting for her to walk more. People keep telling us we are crazy and our lives will be over. :) We'll see.

Clothes / Diapers: Still in a 3 diaper and still true to size. Now that she can fit into 12 month clothes, it has opened a whole new world of clothing options. And bank account depletion options. I saw a quilted khaki skirt and brown riding boots the other day. So unnecessary. And necessary at the same time.

Best Moment of the Month: Definitely her walking. She seems like such a big girl. And she loves to walk toward us and then just collapse into our arms with a huge hug. 

Parent of the Month Award: Both of us feel like the worst parents. Olivia had hand foot and mouth once we got back from Destin. She was sick for over a week, barely ate, high fever, didn't want to walk or crawl. Not more than two weeks later, she got Croup - again, 103 fever, didn't want to eat, sore throat, etc. After five days and the second doctor appointment, they found out it turned into a double ear infection. She's now on antibiotics. Poor baby. Part of me wonders if she thinks we did this to her.

Favorites: She still loves everything that isn't a toy. She loves to take things out of baskets / drawers / etc. She can make a mess faster than anyone I know. She likes to "help" us empty the dishwasher by taking our clean dishes out and throwing them on the floor.

She plays peekaboo with any blanket, curtains, etc. She also plays this game where she fake sleeps on the floor (head down, eyes closed, HUGE smile) and we say 'goodnight Olivia' and she pops her head up and starts laughing out loud. 

If she's in another room, or not in sight, we can say 'Olivia, where are you?' and she laughs and comes crawling really fast. No matter what she is doing, we can stop her in her tracks by saying, 'Olivia, where are you?'

The way she peeks around corners, and gets up on her tippy toes to reach things (like the door knobs) makes me realize just how big she is getting. She's quickly moving from my baby to a toddler - and I wish I could just capture all of this in a bottle. I tell Dan all the time that I want to go back to her being a newborn for just one day. And I know I'm going to want to go back to my 11 month old for just one day. Trying to soak all of it up - but, oh, does it go by quickly.


  1. How cute is she?! Our girl turned 3 months yesterday!

    1. Happy birthmonth Hallie! Three months is big! Hopefully you are getting a little bit of sleep now! (Like 3-4 hours ;) )

    2. 8-10! She has always been a great sleeper!

    3. Oh my gosh! Way to go, both mama and Hallie!

  2. She is just too cute to handle! Fake sleeping, I love it! I hope she feels better soon!

  3. Your last paragraph is why I will have ten kids!! I just need one more moment of each stage! I can't believe she's just getting her first tooth!! She is just precious! And don't bear yourself up about all the illnesses - you never know what's going on in their little bodies!!

    1. Me too! I can't imagine being 'done' and never having the newborn / baby phase again. Every phase is so much fun!