Sunday, September 7, 2014

Lake George and a Lesson in Swim Diapers

Over labor day weekend, we visited friends at Lake George in upstate New York. It was so beautiful. Growing up in Georgia, I have never seen a lake where you can see the bottom. Ours were all mud. 

Olivia did great on the flight - I was SO nervous!

Cuddles like these will never happen again.

Olivia and her two dads. At one point, Sam and I were paying and Jason carried the diapers, while Dan carried the baby to change her. It was quite a sight! That, coupled with the fact that Jason swears Olivia is his because of her love of boats. We decided that she has two dads - I was simply a surrogate.

Dan told Jason to watch her. Clearly, she is in great hands.

Sam also loves her.

Juussttt kidding.

Boat baby. She loved being on the boat, going fast, napping on the boat, sitting up front with the wind in her face. She even barely noticed her life jacket. I knew she'd like the boat, I wasn't sure about the life jacket.

Captain Olivia.

Her love of pickles allowed us to stop and grab lunch each day for a while. Don't worry, Jason, the stains came out of her Bentley t-shirt.

I also have to mention that I found out one key fact about how swim diapers work. People would ask what the difference was and I would say "they don't puff up like normal diapers." Great. 

I was holding Olivia in the restaurant while waiting for our table and she just started peeing everywhere. It was on my side on the coverup and dripping down my leg into a puddle under my foot. I said omggg omgggg and Dan was like "is there a bug? are you overreacting about a bug again?"

So. Much. Pee.

Turns out, swim diapers keep in solids but they don't absorb any liquids. We have taken her to the pool and back, to the beach - and she has just never happened to have peed while being held, in her carseat, etc.

I had to take her back out to the boat - luckily Dan had a t-shirt I could wear, and I rinsed my foot and leg in the lake. 

I really wish Sam or Jason were holding her at that moment. ;)

What did y'all do for labor day?


  1. She is so precious!!! Those little moccasins are precious!

    1. Thank you!! In about two weeks, I'll be giving away a pair of those moccasins! I can't wait! :)