Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I went to the bathroom at work today .. and I've lost 90% of you, because you no longer want to know what this post is about. It's okay. I understand. For the rest, I'll continue. 

I went to the bathroom at work today and there's a small table where you can set down your purse, coffee cup, etc. Its right in between the sink and the towel dispenser / trashcan. If my Mac had paint, I'd draw you a picture.

Well, when I went in today, a lady had drug in a wheeled office chair, set up her laptop on the table, had a pad of paper, a few pens, a glass of water and some notes. Full desk made out of the bathroom table.

Not only do we have empty cubes, tables, and meeting rooms on our floor - but across the entire campus. Plus a few cafeterias that always have available tables.

What was she doing? I didn't have the gall to ask.

I went back to the bathroom later that afternoon (#pregnancyproblems) and she had left a note. An 'away message' of sorts - telling people who came to the bathroom looking for her, where to find her.

I have so many questions.

She must have been having quite an interesting Tuesday.


  1. YOU'VE got questions??

    I would have asked!!!

    You look beautiful and oh so happy!!!

  2. Ask her tomorrow.........

    1. I didn't have the gall to ask her. Now its been too long. It'll go down in history with many other unanswered questions, like whatever happend to Amelia Earhart? or Was Pat a male or a female? The world may never know.