Monday, August 26, 2013

Catching Up

I feel like I have so many posts to write! But the weekends have been full, my computer is incredibly slow, and when I get home from work, the last thing I want to do is get back on the computer. It also doesn't help that the belly gets in the way of lounging on the couch with my laptop (plus she likes to kick the laptop away). Meaning, if posts are to be written, I have to sit at our kitchen table, or somewhere with better support.
My mom came into town last Thursday, stayed until Wednesday and helped so much! My parents had a kentucky cupboard that they no longer had room for, that fit perfectly in our landing upstairs. They generously had it shipped, and it had been sitting in our garage for a few weeks. Originally, we were going to paint it a lighter color - but I think a few different tweaks will make it perfect - and then we don't ruin the original wood.
We got the kentucky cupboard moved upstairs, ALL of the packaging to the dump, impulsively reorganized the entire garage (which was on the the 'pre baby to do list' that I lost .. helpful). We ordered the dresser for the nursery and figured out the layout of that room. We made a few more purchases at Buy Buy Baby and Pottery Barn kids. While I was at work, my mom cleaned the fridge, wiped down all the cabinets, cleaned the blinds and the baseboards (all on that missing 'pre baby to do list'). She vacuumed, organized the baby closet, and so much more. I have no idea how she did it all!
I feel like she finally caught us up on the to-do list that was growing faster than we could cross it off. With Dan traveling so much, and us being out of town a lot, we felt like every hour at home was one project or another. We have a handful of stuff to tackle in the next few weekends, but that list is much smaller.

The biggest surprise of the weekend (just a week before my birthday) was the new laptop my parent's got me. I have been using the exact same laptop from all of college (it has been a wonderful laptop!) and I do not give up things easily (I think I have mentioned the Blackberry that I had for 5 years? Where I had to super glue back in the trackball on a regular basis? My fifteen year old readers are like 'wtf is a trackball.' If they say wtf. I'm not up on the lingo. I also don't have any fifteen year old readers). Where was I? Yes, new computer. My parents knew it was something I wouldn't end up buying for myself, and uploading and editing photos / blogging / etc. was taking much longer these days. It was a HUGE present and I could not be more surprised / excited / in shock.
So now I really have to go through my pictures from the old computer, get all of those blogs posted, back up the photos, put Photoshop on the new one, and I will be ready to roll.
Stay tuned for way too many posts on things I did in the past 6 months (I might be that far behind). Or on very random topics. We can blame 'pregnancy brain.' I haven't used that excuse yet, and I only have 8 more weeks to milk that one.

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  1. After 'baby brain' you get 'parent brain', and that lasts forever! Love you!