Thursday, June 20, 2013

You Might Be a Redneck If ...

You might be a redneck if ...


Don't worry. It gets even worse the more details I give you.

You might be a redneck if ...

  • You buy an inflatable pool.
  • From Walmart.
  • For $24.99.
  • For your backyard.

  • That you fill with your garden hose.

You might be a redneck if ...
  • You inflate it with a leaf blower
  • Attached to a car oil funnel

  • With duct tape.

You might be a redneck if ...
  • You spend the day in it
  • Pregnant
  • And barefoot
  • In a bikini

  • While your husband wears camo sunglasses
  • Duck Dynasty brand
  • That he bought at Walmart
  • On a previous trip.
And it was the best $24.99 spent! I have been complaining that we don't have a pool to go to.   I spent the summers at the pool as a kid, lifeguarded for four summers, and then lived in apartment complexes with a pool. This starts our third summer in the house, and I was tired of not having much pool time. Or lake .. or beach .. but pools are much more accessible. It is the best way to lay out in this southern heat!

When we realized how inexpensive they were, we went out that day to get one. We only blew up 2 of the 3 side pieces - so the pool can be even taller if need be. 

For those wondering where we put it: our house backs up to a greenway (one major selling point of the house), so there is nothing but protected land behind us. To keep some of the critters away, Dan mows part of that area (just over the back of our fence). The city cleared the trees to put in the power lines - which makes for a very sunny spot. Here's a better view of the area (the brown thing in the middle is a tree Dan was saving for firewood):

And, for perspective, this is looking toward the back of our house.

It only took us about thirty minutes to get the tarp and the pool out there, panic because we don't own a pump, rig the blower, get it blown up and filled with water. I highly recommend the blower - it took less than one minute to inflate. Afterward, we dumped it, pulled the plugs, rolled it up, and it's ready to go this weekend. 

We also received a battery operated Margaritaville blender for our wedding (thanks Sam and Jason!) which will be perfect out here. Especially post pregnancy :). 

Also, Sam and Jason, we need your Northern influences back. You've only left us for about 8 months now, and look what we are turning into. 


  1. That is hysterical! And ingenious! How did I now know about this? I talk to you for an hour. Every day! :-)

  2. You may have just inspired me!! That sounds so wonderful!

  3. Poor Koda
    She look likes she wants to find a new family

    1. She totally wanted a new family. She kept chasing off the deer and bunnies. She didn't want her animal friends to see her with us.

  4. Hahahaha, this post seriously made me laugh out loud! Just because it sounds exactly like something my husband and I would do.

    1. Haha! I highly recommend it! It'll especially entertain those little ones!