Tuesday, June 4, 2013

20 Weeks

Halfway through this journey already, and I swear baby girl is growing hourly.

How far along: 20 weeks
How big is baby: 10 inches (apparently this is the week that they start including legs in the measurement .. who comes up with these things?)
Weight Gain: 6 pounds
Symptoms: Still having some nausea, but it goes away within an hour, so I'll take it. Otherwise, I completely have my energy back (which really took up until this point). Definitely eating a lot more, so I can see this weight gain going up really quickly. Nothing to complain about!
Cravings: Nothing that I can blame on the baby girl. Pinterest has me craving more odd recipes than pregnancy does. Mix the two together, and its a bad combo! Eating ice cream almost every night. Loving dessert and loving eating more. So normally I would want ice cream, but maybe not have it - now I am making sure we are keeping it in the house :).
Aversions:  When the nausea sets in, nothing sounds good. Otherwise, still can't eat those pickles, but everything else is fine.
What I miss: Nothing really right now. Maybe a fun beer or nice glass of wine now that the weather is much nicer. 
Looking Forward to: Picking a name! Dan likes trying things out. "What color are you going to paint Peyton's room?" "When you are dropping Ellie off at daycare ..." "Amelia is going to love Koda." He likes to see how they sound in normal sentences. I just can't wait until we finally figure out a name!
Best moment this month: Finding out that we are having a daughter!
Worst moment this month: Having to quit my beloved P90X ab ripper. My doctor said I should stop at 20 weeks. That seemed so far away at the time. I am going to ask her the reasoning in my appointment on Thursday. But if we aren't allowed to work out for 6 weeks post baby, that's an entire 26 weeks (or half a year for you English majors) without ab ripper. 


  1. Love reading your blog honey and you look amazing!!! I totally get the ice cream thing...when I was pregnant with Christine, her dad and I had a favorite flavor (which escapes me right now) at Baskin & Robbins. We bought one of the giant things they scoop their ice cream from and cut it in half to keep half in my freezer and half in his! I think I had a banana split every night at one point...amazing I only gained 29 lbs! Love you! xoxoxo

    1. Thanks Aunt Bonnie! Hopefully I have your genes ;) - I have been meaning to stop by Baskin Robbins - Mint Chocolate Chip is my favorite there! Settling for the store bought Breyer's until I make it over there. Love you!!