Tuesday, June 11, 2013

21 Weeks

I swear I have doubled in size since this picture was taken four days ago. My mom is sitting next to me: "Yup. Well .. maybe not double." Baby girl must be growing. Although, if you saw my Facebook status yesterday, you know I can't blame it all on the baby .. it could also be my lunch. 

Facebook status: "When your lunch is so heavy, it sets off the seat belt light in the passenger seat of your car."

Probably shouldn't have put that on Facebook - now the secret is out, and I can't just blame her. :)

Had two people at work stop me this week that didn't know I was pregnant, but noticed the bump. I have never been brave enough to say something like that - haha - brave people! It's reassuring that they don't just think I stopped working out. 


  1. Are you sure you're not having a bunch??? ;0)
    You look wonderful
    Is your portrait a bit of Moms handiwork??

    PS...Thanks for the text
    It cracked me up

    1. Only one banana in there! :) It was mom's handiwork. You mean, you can tell the difference between my mom's photography and Dan's? Haha.

  2. It's was not the photography
    It was your expression