Thursday, April 18, 2013

More Guess What Onesie Pictures

I hope you guys saw our announcement yesterday. I think most of those who read this already knew - but those who didn't, now know why this blog has been pretty lackluster the past two months. More on that later ..

I have a little bit to catch you up on, but let's start with the 'Guess What' onesie. I wanted to do something unique for our announcement (and Facebook - which we will post sooner or later). I think the "our family is growing by two feet" pictures are adorable, but there are so many of them, that I wanted something new. Now, I'm sure this has been done before, but in my googling, I didn't find it. 

My parents were in town the weekend we found out that I was pregnant. My dad works on a Navy ship and is gone for four months at a time, so he missed Christmas this year. We were doing a little "Christmas in Charlotte" to give him his presents. It was so soon that the news hadn't fully sunk in for Dan and myself, but I knew it was our only opportunity to tell them in person.

I went to Michael's and bought fabric paint and a pack of onesies (who knew they sold them at Michael's?) I simply painted the words "Guess What?" on the onesie. Originally I choose orange as a gender neutral color, but it works well for an October baby! 

We printed a little sign that said "Our first little one is due October 19th, Merry Christmas Grandma and Grandpa!" and added some scrapbook paper as a border. (I think the original said 10/16 as the due date (my dad's birthday) but that has since changed by 3 days).

That was all wrapped up in a white box. I told them that it was for both of them, but that it was something dad specifically asked for. They were thrilled!

My poor mom wanted to keep the onesie and I told her I would have to mail it to her later. I really didn't want to paint another one!

Anyway, here are a few more pictures from our little photoshoot. 

The onesie was ironed immediately after taking this photo.

I love how happy Dan looks in this one.
I was testing the lighting when Dan decided to pose. I love this photo!
And we can't forget our first child!


  1. Congratulations!!! Such exciting news!! Can't wait to follow along.

  2. I think your pictures are so clever! Dan looks absolutely adorable and happy. So do you! But, picture of her ever!