Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Love always wins

Do you guys read Momastery? (I promise this post has a point. And I also promise to be super wordy in the meantime, when getting to that point. Enjoy). The gist of her blog is that it is like a monastery -- but for moms -- and instead of monks -- because they aren't perfect -- they are monkees. I'm not sure I fully get it - but you can read her blog to find out more. 

If you want a good laugh, read this post about her daughter. Actually, read that one no matter what. Everyone needs a laugh.

Well, this year she is doing Holiday Hands (I think she has done it in past years, but on a smaller scale). The idea is simple. That people go through times in life when they are up, and times when they are down. You should give when you are up, you should take when you are down, and that love always wins. Super cheesy right? I love it!

You can find her post here. But it includes small things people are asking for for themselves, friends, families, or children. They could be winter coats for kids, a few used toys as christmas presents, or an older camera for capturing family memories. Many of us have things laying around the house that might end up at goodwill or (worse) in the trash. These are very small things that could completely make someone's month / holiday / etc. 

I encourage everyone to browse the posts. Even if you don't have the financial capability to give to anything this year -- you just might have an old prom dress that will fit the 16 year old who's mother can't afford one this year. 

Dan and I need to keep reading through the posts, but have already gotten in touch with a lady who is collecting Bed Bath and Beyond coupons for Hurricane Sandy victims. Her thought: if they have to replace everything, we can at least help with some coupons!

Seven coupons are in the mail, on the way to her as we speak. 

The gratitude in the responses is what keeps me digging for more ways that we can help. Not sure if this link will work, but look up Momastery on Facebook to see some of the responses Glennon is getting. They will give you goosebumps. 

You won't get a generic-letter-thank-you from a non-profit (not that those aren't amazing as well!) but an incredibly grateful email, directly from the person you helped. 

It all stops on Thanksgiving day -- so keep an eye on the calendar!

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