Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Our fall wreath

This actually turned out even better than I imagined:

You might remember my inspiration pictures here. I never found any one wreath that was exactly how I imagined -- so I decided to go to the store and wing it.

First of all - wreath supplies are expensive! You can buy flower picks for $7.99 per flower! That can add up very quickly, and suddenly the Pottery Barn wreath no longer seems expensive after all.

I wanted to do this on a budget - so I clipped coupons, looked up sales, and made multiple trips to 3 different stores. I spent a total of $18 and am SO happy. 

First, I started with a grapevine wreath. I like how you can have parts of the base showing -- unlike a styrofoam base.

I had bought a few branches and garlands that I could cut up, and used flower wire to attach to the wreath. Another pro of the grapevine -- attaching was easy.

In case cutting these is much harder than you imagine, get out your bolt cutters. Oh wait. You don't have bolt cutters? You don't have a mother who has a love for both crafts and power tools and decides that every female should have bolt cutters in her craft box? Hmm. Well then, come on over! My bolt cutters are your bolt cutters.

Once cut, it was just about that simple. I started with the leaves and the gold pieces.

Added the white flowers and the berries.

Made a bow out of burlap. (Note: In case you decide to buy burlap on your lunch break, walk into the fabric store in your suit jacket, grab a very heavy burlap roll and hug it to carry it.. you have a bit of explaining to do when you get back to work. For the burlap will be all over you. Just something that I have heard).

Secure the worth-the-dry-cleaning-bill bow to your wreath with another piece of wire. 

And ta-da .. the finished product!

I think it looks so good with our brown door. I love seeing it every time I drive home. 

Despite the 80 degree weather, our front door knows its fall!

Fall bucket list cross-off:
  • Make a fall wreath. Consult Pinterest if necessary.


  1. Always, always, always a fun read! Love your wreath, and it looks fabulous on your front door!

  2. You Vanderbilt girls are too creative