Sunday, September 30, 2012

White wine sangria

We had friends over for dinner, yard games, and a bon fire last night. I brought out our watermelon tablecloth for the back porch, and decided to make white wine sangria. I had to convince our friends that, despite my actions, I knew it was fall. 

Many of my posts recently have been about fall, yet my heart still lives in summer.

So - for a little change of pace, I have to share this easy, inexpensive, and delicious recipe for white wine sangria. I found the recipe here, but made a few modifications. Here’s what I did:

White Wine Sangria

1 bottle of white wine (I used Chardonnay)
1 can of Ginger Ale (I used Trader Joe’s Hanson’s Diet Ginger Ale – because its delicious)
1/3 cup of sugar (half of the original recipe)
1 lemon
1 lime
1 oranage
1 kiwi

Add the sugar to the room temperature bottle of wine (so it will dissolve completely). Add the fruit – and let sit in the fridge for 4 or more hours. Add ginger ale just before serving.

Very simple, and does not require a trip to the liquor store. I added all of the fruit because I like the rainbow of colors. If Trader Joe’s had blackberries, I would have added them for some purple.

I wish I had remembered to take pictures, but we set out wine glasses – each with a different colored ribbon (because I don’t own wine charms). We put some fruit and ice in each wine glass and let guests serve the sangria themselves from our drink dispenser.

Between that, the pork barbeque, and the watermelon table cloth – you have the perfect summer party :).


  1. Yummy! That sounds like a recipe I need! Ummm, and we can fix the wine charm issue...I have more than enough. Remind me.

  2. white wine sangria is my favorite! this looks so pretty and delicious.

  3. That looks DELISH. I may have to make my own pitcher sometime soon!!

  4. Thanks guys! It was delicious! I tend to love the idea / look of sangria more so than the taste - but this was SO good!

  5. people always do the fun stuff after i leave.... i'll have to drink extra tonight to wipe away my sorrows.