Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Roasted chicken, butternut squash, and potatoes

It might seem like recipe overload lately (and for that, I apologize). I’m sure I have other things to talk about than food… Maybe not.  Some recipes are so good that they need to be shared. Others, like this, are more ‘thrown together’ items – that I never remember what I put in them – never write down – and therefore, never have again.

Poor Dan: “You made some pasta thing that was so good! Can you make that?” “What was in it?” “I don’t know. Vegetables?” Helpful.

So this post might be more for me than you. But it should be for you, too. Because it was delicious, easy, and looks fancy. First, I roasted a chicken with Trader Joe’s Everyday Spices. (Intimidated about roasting a whole chicken? Don’t be. Ready? Preheat oven to 400. Put in bird upside down. Turn oven to 350. Wait 15 minutes. Flip bird over. Take it out when it has been in for a total of 20 minutes per pound. Rest 15 minutes before cutting. Easy Peasy.)

Then, I cubed the butternut squash. Read this article before you attempt to cube butternut squash. It shows how to do so, while keeping all fingers. I read this after I attempted the cubing process. I’m pretty sure I found the hardest way possible to cut up this gourd.

I roasted the butternut squash with some olive oil and cinnamon.

I roasted teeny tiny potatoes (no. literally. that’s the name on the package.) with about 8 garlic cloves, olive oil and some salt.

I threw the squash, the teeny tiny potatoes (how fun is that to say?) and the garlic on the bottom of the plate, and put pieces of the chicken on top. Topped the dish with rosemary from our garden. 

Bad lighting - but you get the idea.


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