Sunday, September 9, 2012

My birthday

I love birthdays. Mostly because of the cake. Any excuse for a cake. And when it is my birthday, I get to pick out the cake, and that’s the best of all.

I was lucky enough to extend my birthday almost a week. It started the day before my birthday with my friend Sam decorating my cube with those ecards. Have you seen them? They are pretty funny.

These were all geared to being old, and birthdays. My favorite said, “Due to budget cutbacks, we’d appreciate you not telling anyone when your birthday is, so we won’t have to buy you a cake.” … well.. its funny if you work where we work.

She made lime green and pink cake pops, with funfetti cake inside. It was all vanilla, the exact opposite of what Sam likes. THAT, my friends, is a good friend.

The guy in the cube next to me is absolutely brilliant at what he does, but English is not his first language. So he stops by my cube and says, “Ohhh. So funny cartoons.” And leaves… And every time he walked by, he said,“Ohh. Cartoons. Very very funny.”

He had no idea that it was my birthday. And Sam and I laughed every time he did it.

Then he sees the cake pops, and goes “look at those lollypops! Did you make them?” And I said, “Jose, do you think I would make my own birthday lollypops?? Sam made them for me.” And he smiles, “Ohhh congratulations Sam” ….. still no idea it was my birthday. Made us laugh.

Then my actual birthday started with Starbucks and Chick-fil-a for breakfast, followed by opening presents.

Dan wrapped every one of his. And then flipped them to the ‘good side’ before I took pictures. Reason #584395 why I love him.

My friend Shelley was passing through town and brought a huge shiny balloon, champagne and Hershey kisses. She knows me so well.


So Dan and I had champagne.

And went to Zebra for dinner. If you are ever in Charlotte, and have an excuse to spend too much money on dinner, go. It is honestly the best restaurant I have been to. I wore a lime green dress, because I am a firm believer that no matter how old you are, it is socially acceptable to wear a lime green dress on your birthday.

Take 1. Proof that I should invest in a tripod.

Take 2. Much better.

We came back for ice cream cupcakes from marble slab.

How brilliant is this? Have you ever wanted to try 4 different ice cream cakes? Because this is your chance.

Or you can order 4 full cakes, just invite me over. Please.

On Monday, my friend Landon brought by cupcakes for the Bachelor Pad. Can you believe it’s the season finale? What am I going to do with my Mondays? And I might have eaten a cupcake for breakfast the next morning.

My parents were in town Wednesday. (We are camp for their dog, Lily). So we went out to dinner with them, and opened a few more presents.

It was such a wonderful week and I am so thankful to all my friends and family for the birthday wishes.

I hope my next 25 years are just as perfect as the first!

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