Thursday, February 2, 2017

Falcons vs Packers

I never got this written, but wanted to remember it. Two weeks ago the Falcons (my team) played the Packers (Dan's team) in the NFC championship. Things were tense around here. Dan was being mean (which is funny now because they lost ... suckers). And we had long conversations about what the girls would wear during the game.

A few days before, Dan asked Olivia who she was rooting for. Not prompted she said "the Falcons." Yesss. Dan said "Olivia, you know how we clean up bird poop off your trampoline? Well the Falcons are birds. They poop on your trampoline." Olivia got all mad a defensive, "NO daddy them don't!! Them poop in the potty!" I was laughing so hard at her comeback.

Then Dan goes to put a cheesehead on. He comes back and says "if you're a Packers fan you can wear a cool hat!" pointing to his head. Olivia looks at him, rolls her eyes, and says, "The Falcons wear normal hats daddy." 

It was so funny!

The day of the game, Olivia had worn a red dress to church and then refused to put on any football attire, so at least she had red. Poor Emma was changed around 9 times. Whoever had her kept switching out her cheerleading outfit. 

BUT we won and we're headed to the Superbowl!!! And even though it was touch and go for awhile, Dan wont be sleeping on the street.

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  1. So cute!! It should be a fun game for you guys!!