Tuesday, January 3, 2017


We want to teach Olivia how lucky she is for the life she leads, and to give back to those in need. 

First, earlier this fall, I read about the Zaky - a weighted glove used in the NICU to mimic being held. When I saw that it was clinically proven to help babies thrive, I couldn't not get them. I organized some donations from local moms and we purchased 10 sets of Zakys for babies in the NICU. 

I am happy to say that all ten of our sweet babies are now home from the NICU, including our 24 weeker. I'd like to think the Zakys helped them stay strong and healthy. 

4 of our babies were quints (only 4 survived after the first day or two) :(. I took Olivia with me to drop them off and told her about how not all babies get to come home right away, and some need to get bigger and stronger, and these would keep them comfortable while they were there. 

After we dropped them off, Olivia asked if she could have one of the babies. ....... No. "But mama, they have SO many babies, I yust want one of them. Yust one." Too funny not to remember.

Second, our life group took on a group of 15 children that have very little. I had 3 children - and we got them each PJs, a book, a toy, and a blanket. We went to multiple stores to pick out the items, and Olivia was choosing things for each kid. "Her would really yike dis!" We had a two year old girl that Olivia loved picking out a doll and doll stroller for, and a 'super girly' 10 year old that Olivia loved picking out nail polish and nail stickers. She was SO sweet, not asking for things for herself, choosing items for the children "they be so excited when they see this!" 

But she about broke my heart when she said, "Mama, why don't they just ask Santa for new PJs or a blanket. Then they wont be cold this winter." It honestly made me stop and wonder why even "do" Santa - how do you teach them about the less fortunate and that others are in different situations if this magical man brings people things every year. I try to always explain things to her, but this one I didn't have an answer for. 

This sweet girl is mature beyond her years. I have been so proud of her giving this holiday season. I hope she never loses it!


  1. Olivia inherited your loving, kind, and giving heart!

  2. What a great idea!! I love that you included Olivia in the planning and execution of these giving back activities. It's never too young to start. I love that she wanted to bring home a baby from the hospital. What a good big sis :)